4 Great Winter Vacation Locations

Winter vacations are the greatest opportunity to make the most of the season. The roaring fireplace and steaming hot cocoa warm your bones, while snow gently falls outside. What a wonderful picture.

We’ve listed four places where you can turn your winter into a winter wonderland. Let’s look at these magical places.


Sapporo, Japan

A photograph of Sapporo Sapporo is a city that is on the island of Hokkaido, which sits to the north of Japan. As winter comes, Sapporo turns into a beautiful winter wonderland. The city is beloved by both people and the wildlife that loves the winter. It has amazing seafood, wonderful traditional hot springs, onsens, and wonderful winter activities such as skiing and hiking.

But the one thing that makes a winter vacation to beautiful Sapporo great is the Sapporo Winter Festival in February. This magnificent annual festival mainly happens in three iconic locations in the city. These three locations, Tsudome, Susukino, and Odori Park, are decorated with festive decorations and events, and most beautiful of all, with lots of ice sculptures.


Lapland, Finland

A reindeer pulling a sleigh in a snowy forestHow about an even colder location to live out your winter wonderland fantasy? What could possibly beat sleighs drawn by actual reindeer, the Northern Lights, and all the snow you could want? Lapland is a real-life winter wonderland. This beautiful, snowy piece of heaven is located in the northern part of Finland.

It quite literally has everything you can expect from winter: beautiful skiing routes, winter hiking, snowmobiles, sleigh rides, and saunas. With its variety of activities, it is a perfect fit for both families with children and romantic couples. You can enjoy the great outdoors for a snowy adventure and relax indoors with some hot chocolate. Both your children and significant other will love this wonderful and romantic vacation spot.


The Bahamas

A photograph of Nassau in the BahamasHave you had enough of the cold and snow for the season? Want to relax and have fun somewhere hotter? You can always travel to the southern hemisphere for a change of weather during winter, and the Bahamas is one of the best places to enjoy the sun and the sea. It has been at the top of the list of vacation locations to go to during the winter for many years, thanks to its beautiful beaches, lovely weather, historical cities, and amazing accommodations.

The Bahamas offer a wide variety of things to do. You can visit the many old cities that are steeped in history, take a dip with the lovely piggies at Pig Beach, enjoy the beauty of Pink Sand Beach, or tour the once-pirate fort Nassau while sipping some rum. 


Zermatt, Switzerland

A photograph of Zermatt at nightZermatt is another one of the favorite spots of people who love winter vacations. Especially renowned for its skiing resorts, Zermatt is at the foot of the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland.

Also, there is a lot to do in Zermatt. You can enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi with a warm bathrobe, visit the village of Hinterdorf, go snow hiking, visit the many beautiful lakes, or do the one thing you have to do: go skiing.


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