4 Important Bathrobe Picking Tips

Bathrobes come in many different varieties. If you are considering buying one but cannot decide which one you should buy, here are some tips for what you should look for when buying one.

1. Care About Fabric Quality

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bathrobe will be the fabric from which it is produced.

The fabric of the robe will give you information about how much water it can absorb, how quickly it will dry and how antibacterial it will be.

When you do research on this subject, the most common fabric types will be cotton and bamboo. Both types of fabrics are of the highest quality that can be used for the manufacture of the bathrobe.

Cotton’s absorptivity and bamboo’s extra hygiene are the key traits of these fabrics. However, since bamboo fabric absorbs less water, bathrobes are generally made of cotton.

Homelover bathrobes are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton and are highly absorbent. Made from top quality materials, they embody quality itself.

2. Examine the Type of Robe

There are a lot of bathrobes out there with many different colors, models, and forms. Some of the things you should consider when looking at the model of a bathrobe are as follows:

  • The length of the robe
  • The model of the robe
  • The weaving density of the fabric of the robe

When considering the length of the bathrobe, it is also worthwhile to mention that the season and general climate in your area or home are also important factors.

While long robes are generally suitable for the winter season, short one are suitable for the warmer seasons.

If you do not want to use hooded robes or hair towels, short bathrobes are the right choice for you.

Likewise, if you want a bathrobe that will dry quickly, we recommend that you choose ones that are woven with less density than fabrics that are woven thickly.

3. Pay Attention to the Bathrobe Brand

It may sound very cliché, but advertisements for brands that do not produce quality products can be deceptive. For this reason, always take care to choose the products of brands that offer you quality bathrobe models. Quality brands produce robe that meet your needs and that will not wear out for a long time.

4. Choose the Color of the Robe


One of the most important points when choosing a bathrobe is the color that you will choose.

We recommend that you choose a color that you will not get bored of as you will use your robe for a long time.

If you are thinking of choosing a colored bathrobe, it is useful to know that these robes will lose their color over time if they are not carefully looked after.

If you want your robe to not lose its color and you want to buy one that you can wash at a high heat, you should choose white-colored robes.

You can easily choose a high-quality bathrobe by examining our models in white and other colors.

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