5 Start-Ups That Work For A Plastic-Free Bathroom

5 Start-Ups Adopting a Waste-Free Life

Being plastic-free in the bathroom is one of the most impactful ways to help nature.

Inspired by the fact that July is a special month celebrated around the world as Plastic-Free July, one of the areas where we most need to create sustainable alternatives for ourselves as we strive to remove single-use plastics from our lives is, undoubtedly, the bathroom.

Today we chose the topic of personal care and we reviewed five global start-ups that aim to guide those who want to adopt a waste-free life when it comes to personal care items.


Let’s start with Myro, two start-ups that set out to be a sustainable alternative to disposable deodorants.

Realizing how large amounts of plastic go to waste while using deodorant, the team creates refillable deodorant containers that are also refillable and appealing to the eyes with their colorful designs.

Deodorants, which are produced using 50% less plastic than disposable ones, also contain recyclable caps.



Humankind is also an initiative that aims to replace disposable deodorants like Myro with refillable alternatives.

However, unlike Myro, it has a variety of products, from completely herbal mouthwashes to natural soaps in molds.

Cirrus Shower

Cirrus Shower, which was first introduced in France by Pierre Regnault, is a great start-up that reduces the amount of water you use while showering by 75%.

The showerhead, created by the initiative that focuses on water saving, not only aims to reduce water use but also has the feature of purifying water.

As you can imagine, saving water also means saving the energy used to heat that water.


The Stockholm-based Nozzle takes the Cirrus Shower’s goal a little further, reducing water usage by 98% while showering.

Thanks to the special shower head, it breaks the water into millions of tiny drops and creates a dense fog.

This ensures that the person, as always, feels the water as it is on their body and takes a shower comfortably while using a much smaller amount of water at the same time.



Finally, let’s talk about the Loop. Thanks to its technology, the initiative, which depolymerizes PET materials ranging from single-use plastic bottles to polyester clothes and separates them into their monomers, purifies and re-polymerizes these monomers to create environmentally friendly packaging alternatives.

Serving brands like Dove, Ax, Pantene, Crest, Oral-B, and many more, Loop’s goal is to use technology to create eco-friendly systems by showing that a plastic-free bathroom is possible.

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