5 Vacation Destinations for This Summer

It’s Time to Travel

It has been a long time since most of us travelled without a worry. But now that the pandemic that has stopped everyone from traveling for the last few years is coming to an end, you can freely pick your next vacation destination.

With cases at a low level, you can have a summer vacation where you can relax and enjoy the unique experiences of wherever you choose to go.

Let’s look at a few locations where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and culture alike.

Azores, Portugal

A volcanic island group with green nature and beautiful beaches? Don’t mind if I do.

It consists of nine islands, and it’s only a few hours from Lisbon. And it has the very first capital of Portugal, Angra do Heroísmo. Due to its historic streets and palaces that date back to the 15th century, it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Angra do Heroísmo is covered with beautiful natural pools and the remains of the volcano Monte Brasil. However beautiful they are, they are not the main attraction of this group of islands.

The main attraction of the Azores is the largest island of the group, São Miguel. It is a great coastal town with hot springs and lakes just a little trip away. There are some wonderful small restaurants in this coast city which serve local Azorean seafood, with the main attractions being cracas, a kind of barnacle, and cavaco, a local kind of lobster.

You can also find locally grown coffee, bananas, and oranges all across the island. The island is also known for its white wine making, which has earned it the title of UNESCO Wine Region.

The Maldives

Fly to one of the most famous vacation destinations just south of India, the Maldives.

The Arif Atoll of the Maldives is a dream come true with the ocean surrounding you with all its beauty, magnificent beaches, and luxurious villas that will give you the experience of a lifetime.

This is the vacation destination you are looking for if you want an escape from the world for a couple of days, perhaps weeks. The weather is beautiful for most of the year, so you can go for a dip in the crystal blue ocean whenever you want.

And the activities you can do don’t end there. Canoeing, scuba diving, traditional handline fishing, and many more activities await you in this piece of heaven of a vacation destination.

Of course, lounging while watching the beautiful view of the Maldives in a suite or the magnificent creatures of the ocean in an underwater room is a must.

Caribbean Islands

At these gems of the Caribbean Sea, you will surely experience nature as you have never experienced it before.

You can explore the amazing island nations of the Caribbean for a wonderful adventure. Discover the vibrant jungles and the world’s second largest barrier reef in Belize. Or visit the flamingo beaches and Mayan temples of lovely Aruba.

There are 700 islands that have 30 nations that are either sovereign or related to one of the countries in the Americas or Europe. The variety of different cultures and traditions in this beautiful vacation destination is incredible.

They can especially be experienced through the art, food, and history of each island. The hills, the beaches, and the music of these islands await you.

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are great vacation destinations if you like island cities and towns full of history and beaches to relax on.

One of the most interesting and historic of the islands is Kos. It is the birthplace of the legendary healer, Hippocrates. It is said that the father of medicine had his first lesson with his students under a tree that is said to be still standing. His students built Asclepions, temples that were built in the name of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.

Another island that is known for its beautiful beach vacations is Kefalos. Both Kefalos and Kos are part of the Dodecanese Islands of Greece. Kefalos is a great place if you want to sunbathe, go swimming, or just idly hang out at the beach. Just grab a towel and make your way to one of the gorgeous beaches. The small islands near the main island have amazing sea life and ruins, making it possible to go exploring.


One of the hidden gems of Croatia is the Konavle region, just below Dubrovnik. It’s a great place to enjoy the sea and the local delicacies.

If you travel by car, you can explore the beauties of the Adriatic Coast. This way, you can see, hear, and learn more about the language, the sights, and the culture of Croatia. When you travel by car, you get to explore the vacation destination of your choosing in a more in-depth way than you would be able to if you traveled by boat or plane. A great place to visit while traveling by car is the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

When you travel by car, you can visit one of the local taverns to try rakija, a Croatian spirit made from different fruits, try boškarin, a cow that is unique to the Istria region of Croatia or try crni rižo, a native risotto that is called black risotto. These culinary wonders are sure to make it worth your time with their locally appreciated history and globally appreciated taste.

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