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7 Bad Ways to Take Care of Bath Towels

Bath towels can be forgotten after you use them if you are in a rush. You might use them and toss them somewhere. But if this becomes a habit, it might cause your towels to age more easily and become dirtier than they normally would. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do.

1. Double hanging towels on a hook.

Bath towels

Hooks are not the worst option for hanging towels to dry. Yet it is always better to use a towel bar.

When you hang bath towels on the hook, you should always only hang one towel per hook. If you overlap the towels, the moisture and particles that remain on the towels after you use them will be stuck between the towels, causing bacteria and mold.

2. Not washing them enough.

Hygiene is very important when it comes to towels. If you are not careful, they can start to smell and inhabit bacteria very quickly. You should make it a habit to always wash your bath towels after using them three times.

And if we are talking about hand towels, you should clean and change them even more. As you use them more frequently, they are more inclined to get dirty. For the best hygiene, they should be changed every few days.

3. Overusing the towels.

Bath towels

Just because you wash them carefully and on a proper schedule doesn’t mean that you can just own one towel. It’s best to have at least three towels per person and rotate them after every wash. This is because washing ever so frequently wears out the towels, shortening their life.

4. Using too much detergent.

Sometimes you might get the urge to douse your laundry in detergent to make it even cleaner. However, such attempts, sadly, fall short of the mark. For a proper wash, you only need to follow the instructions on the detergent packaging. As bath towels are very absorbent, they might also absorb the extra detergent you used in the heat of the moment. When not rinsed off, the excess detergent actually helps bacteria and mold grow. It also makes towels rough, hard, and scratchy. If after the wash you see residue on the towel or if you feel that the towel is extra stiff, reduce the detergent next time.

5. Not washing in hot enough water.

Make sure you are washing your towels in the hottest possible setting that is also safe for your towels to properly clean them and eliminate any germs.

6. Not shaking before drying.

Shaking the laundry before folding it is a habit most people have, and it’s a good one. Did you know you should also shake your towels before hanging them or putting them in the dryer? It will help with the lint and keep your towels fluffier over time.

7. Using too much fabric softener.

Bath towels

Fabric softener can cause your bath towel to lose its absorbency if you use too much of it. Yet this doesn’t mean that you should cut it entirely. You can measure it for a normal wash and dilute slightly with water. You should use it a maximum of twice in a row.


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