These 7 Bathroom Decoration Tips Will Help You Achieve Your Dream Bathroom

If you’re dreaming of a change to breathe life into your bathroom, a few budget-friendly purchases can instantly breathe new life into it. New decorating ideas will give you the high-quality look and freshness you are looking for.

Here’s a rundown of our quick and easy bathroom decorating ideas:

Budget-Friendly Lighting

Replacing old lighting fixtures can change your bathroom drastically. Changing your lighting can make your small bathroom look bigger, and it is also budget-friendly.

Old lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting affect the light tone in a way that makes your skin hue look bad. If you can’t or don’t wish to change your lighting fixtures, you can opt for fluorescent bulbs with a more natural, sunny hue.

Do not be afraid to experiment with trends when changing the lighting in your bathroom. LED lighting fixtures are the best option out there, as they are wallet-friendly, nature-friendly and they don’t heat up your bathroom.

Color Selection


Painting your bathroom is the second easiest change you can apply when it comes to bathroom renovation. Enhance your wall decor by painting your walls in the perfect color.

Light colors are a great option for big walls as these colors will make a small bathroom look bigger.

Save dark or vibrant colors for accents. They add a touch of drama to tubs of any size. Before painting, check how your color choices look in your new lighting.

Bathroom Tiles

If the tiles on your bathroom walls are no longer interesting to look at, try covering them with removable adhesive tiles. They are easy to cut and fit, and they look real.

Perfect for updating the bathroom in a flat or rental home. The biggest benefit is that they can be removed at any time without damaging the surface behind them.

On the other hand, you may want to consider using paint instead of laying new tiles, which can be very expensive and time-consuming.

When you hand paint some details, you achieve something no money can buy, as it is more intimate and personal.

Hardware and Tap Upgrades

Change your bathroom’s hardware. Bidets, drawer handles, faucets, toilet paper holders, and towel bars. When you replace these items, you will completely renew the vibe. When you change your fixtures, even your countertop will look like it’s brand new. Replacement is as simple as removing the old hardware and adding a new one.

Updates to Towels and Rugs

One of the only ways to bring warmth to a bathroom with affordable decor is with an area rug.

Put away or discard your old, mismatched towels and purchase soft, fluffy towels that match your new bathroom decor. Hanging a few fancy and colorful hand towels can brighten things up immensely and elevate an outdated space.

Add an accent color or pattern for a modern bathroom design touch. Buy these essential textiles to update your dressing room style:

Towels: Experiment with fresh textures and hues.

Floor mats: Color coordinate with your other items to add a detailed look.

Patterned or a printed shower curtain: Pick one that goes well with your towels and mats.

Redesigned Accents and Accessories


Add a few special accessories and accent pieces to complete your bathroom design. Some ideas to get you started:

– Dustbin

– Bathroom soap dish or soap bubble

– Live houseplants such as orchids Experiment with fresh textures and hues.

– Candle or room diffuser for a fresh scent.

– Stylishly provide extra storage for your towels by leaning a wooden ladder against the wall. It brings a rustic and modern mood at the same time.

– If your bathroom is small, add more surface area by installing a shelf above the toilet, or just below the mirror and over the sink if you have clutter.

– Put a wooden stool or a small, thin side table next to your tub. Not only does it make your space look more luxurious, but it’s also perfect for putting your books, speakers, or candles.

Use Fake Plants

When it comes to plants, you don’t need a huge space to make an impact. You love plants, but you may not be able to keep them alive.

In fact, whether you display them in a vase or supplement them with a bouquet of flowers, you have some pretty awesome artificial plants and leaves that don’t look completely fake.

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