7 Brilliant Items to Bring To the Pool

7 Brilliant Items

New enthusiasts of swimming, a sport both for summer and winter, want to have information about the necessary equipment for swimming and to have all the equipment they will need. If you are one of them, this article is for you.


Maybe you signed up for an indoor pool to exercise in or enrolled your child in a club to learn to swim. Perhaps you have started training frequently to improve your pre-summer performance. Whatever your goal is, there are some essentials to have before you start swimming. You can be sure that your swimming pleasure will increase if you are equipped with what you need to take to the pool and have what you need with you.


What to take when going to the pool?

There are a lot of different opinions and items when you search for the question “What should I bring to the pool?”. However, the list of items required for the basic swimming pool does not vary much.

Bikini - Swimwear

Undoubtedly, the first answer to the question of what should be in the swimming bag is a swimsuit. For women, swimsuits or bikinis are preferred, and for men, shorts or swimsuits. The model you wear while swimming is entirely up to you. However, if you want to swim with full performance, we recommend that you choose models specially developed for swimmers.


If you are going to take a private lesson to learn to swim, we recommend that you choose swimsuits or bikinis that will not distract you and will not need to be corrected during jumps. So it would be better if you picked a swimwear that was produced specifically for swimmers.

Swimming Cap

In many pools, it is a mandatory rule to use a swimming cap while swimming. This is a necessary precaution to prevent your hair from falling into the pool. In addition, the use of swim caps has many benefits for you. You can protect your hair from the corrosive effects of chlorine with a cap. Using a swimming cap for comfortable swimming is also a preference for those who do not want to continue the day with wet hair after swimming. Therefore, we can say that the swim cap is one of the indispensable things.


When choosing a cap, you should make sure that you get the right size for your head. An over-tight cap will cause headaches and discomfort, while a loose cap will cause the cap to slide off while swimming.

Swimmer Goggles

7 Brilliant Items

Based on the fact that you will do swimming training in the pool, we would like to remind you that it is useful to pay attention to eye health against the chlorine used for cleaning the pool. Swimming goggles are one of the necessary items to learn to swim. If you’re not used to keeping your eyes open underwater, you can keep your eyes open while swimming with swimming goggles, so you won’t experience interruptions in your performance. We recommend that you choose professional brands when choosing your goggles.


Earplugs, which prevent swimming pool water from entering the ear, are also at the top of the list of necessary materials for swimming. Earplugs are perfect for preventing earaches caused by pressure. It is recommended to use it to experience a comfortable swimming session and to relax afterwards. It is useful to have two pairs of earplugs produced in different sizes for children and adults.

Swimming Kickboard

A swimming kickboard, one of the recommended tools for new learners to swim, is used while doing leg and arm exercises. Floating swimming boards are an apparatus that can be preferred for children and adults learning to swim to feel safe.

Hand Paddles

If you want to exercise your arm muscles more while swimming and increase your performance at the same time, it is useful to use extra accessories such as hand pallets. However, it should be noted that paddles are used by professionals. Although the swimming paddle is a tool that is commonly used for the feet, not the hands, it is sure to be very convenient, especially for beginners.

Towel - Slippers

The common answer to the question of what to buy when going to the sea and what to buy when going to the pool will undoubtedly be slippers and towels. As in other sports, it is very important to use your own products to ensure hygiene while swimming. That’s why you should put the slippers you will wear in the shower and by the pool and the towel you will use after the shower in the bag you prepared while going swimming.

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