7 Great Towel Softening Tips

Towels are one of the objects that we touch the most in our daily life. It needs the most attention to its hygiene and needs to be changed quite often. Having a personal drying garment for everyone in the house is very important. From time to time, our towels can become hard and give us an unpleasant feeling when we rub them on our hands and faces. If you are wondering “how to soften towels?” we have the answer.


When practical knowledge is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is vinegar. Vinegar makes cleaning very comfortable in our lives. Of course, it is possible to use vinegar on towels as well. You can use vinegar in two different ways. The first of these is to put vinegar in the softener part of the washing machine. Another way is to put a teaspoon of vinegar in the inner chamber of the washing machine. Using white vinegar is recommended as it minimizes the smell of vinegar. But apple cider vinegar is preferred because when you use apple cider vinegar, it is almost impossible for the vinegar smell to occur.


Another method is ironing. When you apply iron while your towels are damp, you will see that they soften. While doing this, it is recommended that you consider the ironing instructions on your towel and apply the steam to this extent.


The mixture of water and salt is also a very important duo in our lives. This method, which will take a little more time, is the method where you can get the most effective result. Make sure that the water you add along with the salt is hot, but that it does not exceed the temperature specified in the instructions for your item. If you use a higher temperature, your towels will likely shrink as a result. After a few hours, desalinate your towels and let them dry if you think you’ve rinsed them enough. This mixture is the most effective method. It requires a longer process, but if you have time, it will be most beneficial for you to apply it.

Of course, it is possible to apply all of these in a row. For example, if you have washed your towels by placing vinegar in the inner chamber of your machine or in the softener compartment, you can dry them a little. Even if it remains slightly damp, you can apply steam with your iron in accordance with the instructions on the label. Alternatively, you can iron them, which you have soaked in salty water and then purified from salt, while they are still damp. It is also possible to apply the vinegar and water-salt mixture repeatedly. If you have come to the idea that the towels you have washed with vinegar are not yet soft enough, it is possible to apply the salt water mixture right after.

Reduce detergent

If you think that your towels are getting harder day by day, you can start by reducing the amount of detergent you use while washing. Using a little less detergent than the amount you usually put in will more easily remove the detergent that doesn’t come out during the rinse cycle of your washing machine, and your towels will become softer.

Lighten your load


Do not put too much laundry in your machine to wash at once. If you do too much laundry, you will both overwork your machine and not allow all the dirt and detergent on your towels to be rinsed away. The same situation as in the washing machine applies to the dryer. If you have a standard machine, you can throw in two or three bath towels, washcloths, or hand towels at a time.

Wash in warm water


If you wash your towels in hot water (body temperature ratio is the best), detergent will not accumulate on them. In addition, hot water helps to dissolve the remaining oils on the skin much faster. If you have brightly colored ones, remember that you can wash them with warm water. If it is not important for the colors to fade, you can continue to wash with hot water. If you want to preserve the color, you can wash it with cold water and apply our other towel-softening techniques.

Use baking soda

You can mix about half a cup of baking soda into your regular detergent. In this way, you can help to wash away oil, dirt, or other chemicals more easily. It’s also a great way to get rid of nasty odors that occur when the towel has been damp for a while.

All these methods are methods for not hardening the towels or for softening the hardened ones. Giving importance to hygiene is an essential issue in our lives.

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