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7 Magnificent Old Towel Project Ideas

Towels don’t start as old towels. It is kind of obvious, of course, but as the amount of towels we own changes drastically over our lives, we are introduced to old towels.

For most of us, individual life begins with university. You start owning a towel once you start college, even more so if you are studying abroad or in a different city from your family. Until then, you don’t think much about towels or how much you need them in your life.

After college, the actual life of an adult begins. Maybe you have a flatmate or two, but the new responsibilities and needs remain. Things start to get serious as your working life begins. Through practice, towels will teach you their many different uses, and you will learn the value of spare towels.

When you get married, a whole new chapter begins in your life, and towels are there to teach you even more. When you need hand towels, foot towels, head towels, kitchen towels, sports towels, beach towels, the pile of towels grows and so does your laundry. Your trusty towels will accompany you until their last fiber.

And one day, once you see your old friend can’t help you anymore, it is time to say goodbye. And to welcome a new and absorbent member of your family. So how do you say goodbye to your old towels? You can’t just throw them in the trash; they will still have their use, but not enough to give to someone in need… Here are a few ideas on how you can find a new use for your veteran towels.

As trunk covers

If you have a car, you can put your old towels in the trunk and use them as a cover or blanket. You can also use these towels, which can serve you in many different ways when you go to a picnic or to the beach, to cover your seats after a dusty, sandy activity.

As beach blankets

old towel

You can sew several of your old towels into blankets that you can use when you go to the beach or a picnic.

Or you can create a unique sun bed design: Just sew a tiny cover on one end of the blanket and fill it with water-proof. Voila! You’ve got yourself a water-proof bed that you can use while tanning or chilling on the beach.

Moreover, you can sew a pocket for your most-used item on the beach, namely your mobile phone, from old towels to your beach cover or sun bed and keep it dry. The rest is up to your creativity.

As a chew toy

old towel

Dogs love chew toys, so why not make your own? If you have a dog, tie the towels in a braid, tie a tight knot at both ends, and your chew toy is ready to go. Play tug or let him chew on himself and drain his energy.

As a bath mat

Ever wanted a self-made bath mat? Just cut two different colored old towels into equal squares and sew them to each other in any shape you deem fitting. You can find and make many different models by changing from squares to triangles or circles or how you sew them together. Let your imagination run rampant.

As insulation towels

An old way of keeping your house warm or cool is by putting towels under your doors or windows, which also saves money and energy. You can create an easy solution by laying your old towels under your doors. You can also turn them into something chic by rolling your towels and sewing the ends and the middle.

As DIY projects

If you’ve got a little bit of sewing skill and are interested in do-it-yourself projects, you can make cushions, beach bags, slippers, bath fibers, organizers with pockets to hang on the bathroom wall, oven mitts, sponge covers to use in car washing, covers for your stool or chair cushions, nice gifts, or a bed for your dog from your old towels. Just you name it.

The internet is full of fun and interesting DIY projects that you can do too, with minimal skills and time.

As a donation

If you are saying, “As much as I want to, I can’t deal with these projects, I don’t have time.” You can donate your old towels to animal shelters that need them the most.

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