Heated towel rails have been perceived by many as a luxury item for a long time. But their functionality proved over time that they should be a household item.

But if you are asking yourself why you should install a towel rail in your bathroom, then here are seven possible reasons for you to do just that.

1. Warm and Dry Towels

7 Reasons Why You Should Own a Heated Towel RailWhat is better than the warm and cozy embrace of a heated towel just as you leave the shower?

A heated rack quickly dries out any wet towels. While drying towels is its main goal, you can also put your dry towels on the rail to warm them so you can use them whenever you want; after showering, washing your hands, or washing your face, you name it!

Different models come with adjustable heating choices, so you can use them all year round and have your toasty and warm towels whenever your heart desires.

2. Why Not Dry Other Things?

Another great aspect of towel racks is that you can dry pretty much anything you want on them.

Did you get caught in the rain? Just hang your wet clothes on the rack and they will be ready for you to use again in just mere minutes.

Unexpected snowstorm? Your heated towel rail will dry it with ease.

No space in the dryer? Put your damp clothes on the rail and they will dry out incredibly easily.

3. Say Goodbye to Smell and Bacteria

If your towels are not dried properly, this might cause bacteria to form on your towels, which might cause many more problems.

If you hang a wet towel on a hook, it will not dry properly and some areas might stay wet. Bacteria love these damp areas on towels.

These bacteria are not hygienic and are the main reason for the foul odor. A heated towel rail ensures that your towels are completely dried, saving you from bacteria and the horrid smell that comes with them. Also, if not fully dried, bacteria on towels can cause skin infections or acne.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance for towels, as we use them daily. It is also extremely important for the health of you, your family, and your guests who might use the towels.

4. Use Less Water

If your towels are absolutely dry after you dry them, you won’t have to wash them as much, reducing your carbon footprint and water usage and helping you save the environment.

This also goes for any other clothing that isn’t dirty, but just wet. Just dry your clothes on the rack and you will be good to go.

Less laundry equals more energy and water saved, which equals a better environment for all.

5. Alternative Heating for Your Bathroom

Another great use of towel racks is the heat that they radiate. They can be the main source of heat for your bathroom, depending on the size and insulation of your bathroom.

While not the main purpose of it, heated towel rails can turn your bathroom experience into a cozy and relaxing event.

They are also most certainly better for the environment, as they are more energy-efficient than regular heaters. Bath racks are also great aesthetically, as they will add a sophisticated and chic look to your house.

6. Heating for All Garments

You can install a heated rail about anywhere in your house. For example, you can put one in your basement to dry any winter clothes you have, as they can also heat cold areas apart from drying your towels and clothes.

Why not put one in your workout room or gym? You can keep your body temperature high while working out and keep your gym clothes and towels dry and warm between and during workout sessions.

You can also use them in your bedroom to warm up blankets and sheets. The warm touch of your blankets and sheets will introduce you to a new level of luxury and comfort.

Towel rails are great items for your house to keep both the small areas of your home and towels and clothes warm and cozy.

7. Store and Display in Style

Heated towel rails usually have more than one bar to hang items from. Bath towels, hand towels, guest towels, you name it.

You can hang your towels on these bars to display different towels to add to the style of your bathroom or bedroom. It will make your bathrooms look more luxurious and stylish, both for you and your guests.

Installing one on the wall of a guestroom will also add some pizzaz for your guests, increasing the quality of their stay at your home. Or you can add one to your bedroom to display your towels, blankets, or clothes.

Heated rails and racks come in many different styles, so you will have many options for displaying and storing your items in style.

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