Bathrobe Types

8 Different Comfortable Bathrobe Types

Types of Bathrobes

Bathrobe Types

Robes have different styles, colors, and fabrics. They are made from many different fabrics and have different styles. These are the main factors when separating into different types. While it differs from setting to setting, maybe lightweight and waffle bathrobes are better for poolside, while cotton and terrycloth robes are better after a shower. Let’s talk about bathrobe types and where and when they are used.

Classic Type

The most popular model and the design that has existed for many years is the classic type. Classical bathrobes consist of two pockets and a belt. This bathrobe type generally has two types of collars, shawl or flat. Terry cloth, cotton, bamboo, velour, linen, sateen, poly-cotton, and plush micro-fleece are the fabrics that are used for this type of robe.

Terry cloth, cotton, and bamboo fabrics are the best materials for use after showers and baths. Linen and sateen robes are generally used in the morning or during the day.

Poly-cotton is usually preferred for spa and sauna settings with its absorbent structure.

Kids’ bathrobes are usually made of plush micro-fleece as it is very soft and is good for sensitive skins.

Hooded Type

Bathrobe Types

This bathrobe type is generally preferred when you want to keep very warm. The hood can keep your head and neck warm on cold days. Most children’s bathrobes are hooded.

Hooded robes are usually used for leisure in the morning, as the hood keeps you warm and snugly. They are made from terry cloth, cotton waffle, cotton velour, microfiber, satin, and silk.

Kimono Type

When thinking of comfort, kimono type bathrobes are one of the types that come into mind first. Dressing gowns, spa robes, and bathrobes are usually made in this style. Kimono style bathrobe type doesn’t have a gender apart from their size and design, so they are used by both men and women. Kimono-style robes have flat collars.

They usually have a belt to close the front of the robe. They sometimes also have pockets. While they normally don’t, sometimes they can have a hood.

Kimono robes are made of cotton for showers and linen or sateen for daily use.

Fabric Types

Robes are made from many different fabrics. Terry cloth, cotton waffle, cotton velour, microfiber, cashmere, plush, satin, and silk are the preferred fabrics.

Terry Cloth

Terry cloth robes are great if you are looking for absorbency. They are made from premium Turkish cotton. Cotton terry robes can be found in many different weights and thread counts.

These are measured with a term called GSM. The thread count and absorbency increase and decrease together. It is a thick fabric, so it is great for after long baths.

Terry cotton is perhaps the most popular fabric, as it has been used for many years. It is made of organic cotton; thanks to this it is incredibly soft.

Cotton Waffle

Cotton waffle robes are known patterns in the shape of waffles. It is thinner than terry cloth. However, their absorbency is not as great as terry cotton. Because they are lighter, cotton waffle bathrobes are most frequently used in hot settings.


Microfiber fabric is made of very small fibers woven into millions of tiny loops. This way, a comfortable and soft texture is achieved. Microfiber is light and breezy, so it is preferred for light drying and warm weather. It contains millions of tiny loops of fiber of cotton, so it is quite soft. As it is also made of cotton, it is quite absorbent, but it is not as absorbent as other cotton alternatives.

Cotton Velour

The Velour fabric option looks more stylish when compared to most other robe types. Thanks to its cotton structure, it is highly absorbent. The velvety texture it has is the main part of its appeal. They are great for relaxing on a cold night. Soft and thick, cotton velour robes and all other cotton robes are your best buddies in the winter.

Plush Microfleece

Soft and gentle, plush microfleece material is used for children’s bathrobes. Its thick structure can help you stay warm. Their softness makes them a great option for relaxing. Their soft and fluffy texture does not irritate the skin. Plush microfleece is one of the highly absorbent types that you can find.

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