8 Suggestions For a Nature-Friendly Life

How can we reduce our negative impact on the world? By being nature-friendly in our dailiy lives. The danger that our lifestyle as humankind projects is undeniable at this point. Serious problems such as the pollution of vital resources like water and soil, and the change in the climate we live in are increasingly affecting our lives. However, it is not too late to solve these problems.


Everything begins with only one step

Everything begins with only one stepWe call changing the lifestyle in a way that protects people and nature “sustainability”. Sustainable living has become one of the most talked about topics on the world agenda. If humanity continues its current consumption habits, global problems such as environmental pollution and climate change will make the world unlivable. For this reason, we are trying to adopt more conscious and nature-friendly consumption habits in order to “sustain” life in the world.

We have compiled 8 suggestions for you to take small steps for you and big steps for the world!


1. Reduce your personal plastic waste with reusable products

Reduce your personal plastic waste with reusable products

Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean from the coasts every year? Unfortunately, these wastes left to nature do not really disappear. It simply returns to us in another form. Even if disposable plastic packaging wears down to much smaller sizes, it threatens our health by getting into food sources and drinking water.

It is vital that we exchange plastics such as water bottles and plastic bags with reusable alternatives that are nature-friendly in order to protect ourselves from the serious effects of invisible particles called “microplastics” on our health.

Aim to create zero waste by carrying your shopping in your mesh or cloth bag, water in a reusable water bottle, and your coffee in a thermos! Thus, you can support the reduction of plastics accumulating in water and soil.


2. Prefer recyclable products

Prefer recyclable productsRecycling helps us control the amount of waste we create. Choosing easily recyclable packaged products ensures that waste regains value instead of polluting water and soil. So waste is not garbage, it’s a treasure!

We can say that glass is the queen of nature-friendly materials with its ability to be recycled endlessly. This is why many make-up companies are now making the switch to glass for their products. Many other companies in other sectors are also using recycled versions of materials such as glass and paper.

By choosing products packaged with recycled materials, you can ensure that more brands become nature-friendly and support the zero-waste principle. By sorting plastic, glass and metal products into recycling bins in your daily life, you can prevent valuable materials from being buried in water and soil.


3. Go with biodegradable packaging

Go with biodegradable packagingIt is inevitable that some wastes are not recycled and landed in landfills. Unfortunately, plastic, metal and paper materials cannot be reused forever. For this reason, care must be taken to ensure that product packaging is safe for human health and nature-friendly if buried in the ground.

Out of all biodegradable materials, paper-based packaging is the most popular. Polymer-based packagings can also be degradable, depending on their molecular structure.


4. Share your old clothes

Share your old clothesDoes your closet no longer give you the joy and excitement it used to when you open it and see your clothes? But wait, don’t throw away what you don’t want to use anymore! Distribute them to your family, friends and those in need. What is useless to you may be very valuable to someone else.

How about setting up a small  nature-friendly second hand network around you? Trade in clothes and items you don’t use, even cosmetics that don’t fit your skin! In this way, you can create value for both nature and each other.


5. Switch to LED lighting

Switch to LED lightingLED bulbs are six times more efficient than other bulbs and reduce electricity consumption by 80%. Moreover, it does not contain mercury, which is a toxic substance for the environment, making them even more nature-friendly.

Do not forget to take advantage of the most perfect light source during the daytime. Sunlight is very valuable for both our mental and physical health. So when working indoors, open the curtains and greet the day! It’s the right choice for both nature and electricity bills!


6. Make your peace with cold water

Be careful! Learning that 90% of the electricity used while doing laundry is used to heat water can create the effect of a cold shower. Moreover, today’s detergents are so effective that there is no need to use hot water for good cleaning.

In addition, you can prevent the emission of 45 kg of CO2 gas into the atmosphere per year by only running the washing machine when it is full.


7. Dress according to the season

We know that you don’t want to say goodbye to your t-shirts and thin shirts when winter is coming. But your sweaters need love too. To save energy and be nature-friendly, you need to put your thin clothes away instead of overheating the whole house. So embrace your warm sweaters and cardigans and enjoy the unique pleasure of the cold season.


8. Get what you need

All the dazzling options that come your way when you go shopping may be triggering your inner child and causing you to take them all home. When you wake up one morning, your room may have no place to set foot. This means a lot of stuff and a lot of trouble to dispose of. However, the zero waste goal is to benefit from everything you have. So do the nature-friendly thing and try to buy only what you truly need.

Another important aspect of getting what you need is getting nature-friendly products. Homelover’s towels are made of 100% organic cotton with nature in mind at every step, from production to shipping.


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