Achieve Serenity With Hot Towels

Hot towels are an item that has been used for many years, but they might not be well known depending on the region. While they are used in many different establishments and countries, perhaps the most well-known iteration of them is Oshibori.

Oshibori is the type of hot towel used in Japan, which translates to wet wipes. To be more specific about where they are used, they are used in bars, offices, and restaurants. Apart from these places, they are also used in places where the owners would like high-quality customer service the moment they walk in the door.

These towels are also served hot or cold in certain traditional Japanese restaurants around the world. Today, they are more often used in hotels, spas, and airplanes to enhance the experience of their customers. Customers appreciate the warmth that hot towels bring to the table because it adds another level of comfort. 

Are you still not sure about using hot towels? We have a few more reasons why you might want to try them out. Let’s check them out.

1. The warmth of a hug

Woman getting hot towel treatment at a spaLet’s say you get a sudden and spontaneous urge to get a massage to forget about the sharp cold of winter. You go in and register and start waiting for your appointment. As you wait, you are given a hot towel that makes you forget about the cold, and you are engulfed in the warm embrace of hospitality.

The relaxation that hot towels provide is as good as the massage that will follow. The warmth of the towels purifies both your body and soul.


2. Always clean hands

A woman wiping her hands with a towelHaving a towel or wipe with you to keep your hands clean on the go is something quite a lot of people are doing nowadays. If you are carrying a bag, you can prepare your own hot towel at home and carry it with you. As hand sanitizers can dry your hands out if you use them repeatedly for a while, it is a good idea to have a wipe or a towel with you.

Now that most people care more about hygiene, it is prudent to keep one of the two on hand to maintain your hygiene.


3. Be Different

For an establishment, nothing says hospitality like a freshly served hot towel for your customers. These lovely towels will help you be unique and different from your competitors. This way, you will have a much easier time staying one step ahead of your competitors.


4. Easy to Implement

When hot towels are mentioned, it is quite normal to think about the possible difficulties or possibilities of such a service. But you don’t have to actually worry. Hot towels are actually quite easy to prepare and maintain. They don’t require any more care than the towels you use are your own home.



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