Are Bathrobes Worth It?

Bathrobes were more popular in the past than they are today. They were often used in different civilizations around the world. While their uses and styles varied, the core concept stayed the same.

These days, bathrobes have again started to gain global popularity. But if you are not familiar with the garment, you might be wondering, “Are bathrobes worth it?”

The short answer is, yes, of course. But why? Here are some points that we think make bathrobes worth it.


1. They help you dry off

Young female touching her face after showerThe main goal of the first modern bathrobe was to be used after a bath to dry yourself off. And with some popular fabrics like bamboo and cotton, bathrobes get the job done quite well.

Both fabrics that were mentioned are both light to wear and quite absorbent. So your bathrobe will not get heavy after you dry off. 

You can even wear your bathrobe before you take a bath or a shower to keep warm after you take your clothes off and adjust the water.


2. They will keep you warm

Young man in white bathrobe having tea on balcony in the morningThanks to their materials that are also used in making clothing, bathrobes can also be worn to keep warm. Their fuzziness provides both the softness and warmness you are looking for.

In some countries and regions, the weather is starting to get cold or has already gotten cold. Bathrobes are great at providing that cozy warmth that you look for when the weather gets cold.


3. They can help you sleep

Couple in bathrobes sleeping in bed Some people have specific habits that they abide by before they sleep. For some people, these are mandatory in the sense that they can’t sleep without doing these things. For some, they are optional. But these actions soothe the mind for all people, regardless of their connection to these actions.

Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Wearing a cozy bathrobe
  • Drinking herbal tea
  • Meditating
  • Reading
  • Sleeping at a certain time
  • Listening to calming music

The effectiveness of these actions varies from person to person, but this does not mean that they do not work at all. Trying different sleeping rituals can help you find the right one for you specifically. As for Homelover, we recommend implementing soft and cozy bathrobes into your sleeping rituals.


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