Bathrobe vs. Dressing Gown: What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between a dressing gown and a bathrobe?


The answer to this question can be answered pretty simply. Bathrobes are made from toweling material, and dressing gowns aren’t. Bathrobes are robes that can be used to dry off after a bath or to wear over your clothesi and dressing gowns are loose robes that are just worn around the house. They can be worn right after waking up, while getting ready to go out, or while changing clothes.

Can you use a dressing gown as a bathrobe?


The short answer to this question depends on the material. Normally, you should not use dressing gowns as an alternative. But if you must, try to prefer cotton dressing gowns. The most prominent material for bathrobes is cotton. Dressing gowns are more of a leisure piece of clothing and are generally made from lighter materials such as fleece, cashmere, or satin. It should be noted, though, that dressing gowns are not suitable for use after a shower or bath.

What to do to keep the robes soft?

Robes made of cotton are durable, so you can wash them with mild detergent in warm water. Newly bought robes should be washed before use. You should use half the amount of detergent you would use for a regular wash and you should avoid using too much fabric softener.

What’s the point of a dressing gown?

Dressing gowns are an alternative to bathrobes if you have a warm home or if you prefer wearing a lighter robe around the house. Yet they can still be worn for warmth, as they also provide a bit of heat. They can also be worn as an overgarment when you need to get out of bed with your nightwear. You can wear a dressing gown over your pajamas or even your daily home clothes.

What do dressing gown ribbons do?

These ribbons are for tying your robe. While there are the main ties to accomplish this, these present you with an alternative. You might prefer these if you wish to lounge in a more comfortable way without your robe falling open.

Why do dressing gowns have hoods?

Is your bathrobe in the laundry? Are you waiting for it to dry? A hooded dressing gown can be an alternative in this case. While not ideal for drying due to their material, you can use a hooded dressing gown to keep warm after a bath and to dry your hair.

How do you soften a cotton robe?

It is not recommended to use fabric softener all the time with your towels or bathrobes. If you wish to use it, adding a cup and a half of baking soda to each wash can help. Baking soda helps you keep your bathrobe soft by softening the water. Your robe can harden a little bit if you use fabric softener too much or too often. Adding a cup of vinegar at the end of the wash cycle can also remove excess fabric softener residue from your robes.

If you want to read more about washing bathrobes made of towel material or towels in general, you can read our blog post.

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