Bathrobes in the Cinema


What is a bathrobe? A garment that you wear to dry yourself after a bath? A soft and fuzzy coat to keep you warm at home? An iconic piece of cinema? The answer is all of the above.

While we use bathrobes on a daily basis to lounge around the house or to keep ourselves dry after a relaxing shower or bath, the amazing outlet of cinema has done what it does best; it has gone and turned an everyday item like a bathrobe into an iconic piece of art for all to adore.

Without further ado, Homelover presents: Bathrobes in the Cinema!


Bringing Up Baby

Cary Grant in a bathrobeHow could we not start with one of the most iconic bathrobes in the cinema? For those who missed out on this magnificent movie, Bringing Up Baby is a 1938 movie about a paleontologist (Cary Grant) who is trying to get a donation for his museum while being pursued by a mischievous heiress (Katharine Hepburn) and her pet leopard named Baby, which is where this wonderful comedy gets its name from.

In this classic movie, Cary Grant, with all his charm, rocks a chic and fluffy women’s robe. After all, no one else comes to mind other than the man himself to make the robe look better than it already is.


Pulp Fiction

Jimmie from Pulp Fiction in a bathrobeNext, we have to mention the movie that has affected and still keeps affecting pop culture since 1994, Pulp Fiction. Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) movie by the legendary director Quentin Tarantino, the movie tells the separate tales of two mobsters, their boss, his wife, a boxer, a pair of Bonnie and Clyde-esque diner robbers, and how all of their paths cross.

The iconic bathrobe from this movie belongs to the character of none other than the legendary director himself. Quentin Tarantino plays Jimmie, the foul-mouthed friend of the two hitmen played by Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta.

With his gorgeous bathrobe, foul mouth, and love for good coffee, while a minor character, Jimmie is truly memorable.


Fight Club

Tyler Durden from Fight Club in a bathrobeLet’s move from bad-tempered Jimmie to bad boy Tyler Durden. Fight Club, like Pulp Fiction, is one of the most influential movies of the 90’s. This 1999 movie is about an underground fight club started by an insomniac cog-in-the-machine office employee (Edward Norton) and a reckless and nonchalant soap maker (Brad Pitt).

One of the legendary bathrobes in the cinema from this movie is worn by the one and only Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). The coffee mugs and the pink shade of the fluffy looking robe make everyone wish they were as comfortable as Pitt is in that iconic robe.

The Big Lebowski

The Dude from The Big Lebowski in a bathrobeThe Big Lebowski (1998), a cult classic by the famous director duo, the Coen Brothers, tells the story of a laid-back and exotic character named Jeffrey Lebowski, better known as “The Dude”.

While not exactly a mainstream movie, The Big Lebowski has a huge following for its absurd and meta characters, story, and filmmaking. Iconic quotes and stills from the movie are still used in many different mediums of media.

The robe that should be mentioned in this movie is worn by the chillest man in California, The Dude. He has adapted to being laid back so much that he even wears his robe to the market. That’s how chill he is.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Poster for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyPerhaps the least known movie in this list, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by the late Douglas Adam, which was published in 1979. 

The novel and the movie tell the same story. As the world is about to be demolished by an alien wrecking crew, our hero, Arthur Dent, and his bathrobe are saved by Arthur’s friend, Ford Prefect.

The movie adaptation had mixed reception from fans and critics alike, but the reason we included this other cult classic on this list is that it brings a quirky and smart science-fiction novel and the indispensable bathrobe to the silver screen.


And that’s our list. There are many more iconic bathrobes in the of cinema. But if we wanted to list all of them, you would be here all day.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as we enjoyed compiling it. For more fun and informative blog posts like that, check out our blog.


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