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How to Choose the Best Beach Towel in 5 Steps?

Although it may seem very easy to choose a beach towel, expectations may differ depending on the place and purpose of use. Of course, the feelings of the person when they touch the towel will also be effective in this choice.

Summer is coming; now it’s time to go to the beaches. So, how do you choose the towel you will use at the beach? Here are the tricks to choose the right beach towel:

1- Choosing the right size

The beach towel that you will use to dry after getting out of the sea or the pool must be the right size and suitable for your body in order to wrap around you. You will have a hard time drying if you use a towel that is too big or too small for you. Moreover, do not forget that a large towel that takes up a lot of space in your beach bag will become heavier after getting wet and will be difficult to carry. If you prefer two separate towels for drying and sunbathing, you can choose a larger towel for sunbathing.

2- Is it a thick towel or a thin one?

Beach Towel

Whether it is thick or light, choosing a towel is entirely a matter of your priorities and preferences. A beach towel doesn’t have to be very fluffy to be comfortable.

Some choose thinner towels for reasons such as ease of carrying and taking up less space in the washing machine.

If you are looking for a fast-drying beach towel that does not take up much space in your beach bag, you can choose thin towels made of cotton, bamboo, or linen loincloths.

If you are one of those who wants to feel the touch of a full towel on your skin while drying, then it is useful to prefer heavier towels. As we mentioned at the beginning, choosing a full or thin towel is entirely up to your preferences and how you feel when the towel touches your skin. Regardless of their weight, it is worth noting that cotton towels are among the most preferred due to their content.

3- Determine your budget

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Towels can show serious price differences according to the materials used and production processes. An organic or fibrosoft towel is more costly than other towels, but it can make you feel better with its important features such as high water absorption power, softness, and naturalness.

Of course, do not choose a towel that will shake your budget for the holiday, but do not forget that a towel you buy very cheaply will wear out very quickly due to the effects of the sun and salt water and lose its color.

4- Be careful when choosing a color!

Beach Towel

When choosing your towel, it is worth saying that colors are not just about your liking. Remember that colors such as black and gray absorb heat and may make you sweat while sunbathing, while light colors such as white and cream will get dirty very quickly and will show even the smallest sand spots. It would be best to choose bright colors suitable for the spirit of summer.

5- Choose a towel that fits your style

Every product you choose reflects you. “I’m just going to dry up. What does it matter?” No matter how attentive you look, remember that a beach towel with a huge Mickey Mouse on it will make you look childish.

You can also feel good on the beach by choosing patterns and colors that are compatible with your beach clothes and that you like.

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