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Cotton Bathrobe or Bamboo Bathrobe?

Bamboo and cotton bathrobes are the cherry on top after a warm and relaxing bath. Thanks to them, it becomes easier to wear your clothes without getting wet and sticking to you. However, there are some times when you want to dry well and it causes you to lose the coolness you seek after the shower. Your robe puts so much weight on you that you sweat out of nowhere.

Of course, the opposite is also possible. For example, if the weather is quite cold, while you want to dry well, you also want to warm up. But your bathrobe can’t get the job done properly. In such cases, choosing the right bathrobe is important. So, do you think the bathrobe you’re wearing is actually appropriate for you?

We consider the case of bamboo bathrobes and cotton bathrobes that appeal to different uses and needs due to the difference in their textures. With our guide to choosing the right bathrobe, you can choose the most suitable bathrobe for yourself, your family, or your business.

What is a Cotton Bathrobe and What are its Features?

Cotton bathrobes are actually the types of bathrobes that we all know and use most often. There are also varieties produced from organic cotton yarns. The features of this bathrobe are as follows:

  • They have a very soft texture. So when you get out of the bath, you are welcomed with a comfortable feeling after enjoying it.
  • It is easy to use in the winter due to its thick structure. They don’t get cold.
  • They provide fast and proper drying with their high absorbency.
  • They can be easily washed in the washing machine as they are made of cotton.
  • Their prices are affordable. Thus, their purchase is both easy and common.

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Now let’s come to bamboo bathrobes…

What are the Features of Bamboo Bathrobes?

cotton bathrobe

The bamboo plant is a plant that grows in a tropical climate and its homeland is China. In recent years, the increase in its use, especially in textiles, has made the products obtained from bamboo valuable. Bamboo bathrobes are one of the products in question. The features that make bamboo bathrobes so preferred today are as follows:

  • Bamboos are grown without any chemicals or pesticides. This makes bathrobes made of bamboo natural.
  • Bamboos have a substance called “kun” in them, and it makes them antibacterial. Bamboo also doesn’t cause allergies and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • It is very breathable. In this way, it is suitable for use in the summer, on vacation, and in regions where the weather is mild for the majority of the year.
  • It absorbs water very quickly. Thus, it helps the person to dry quickly. Yet it can not absorb as much as cotton does.
  • It is light. It does not weigh on the person. In addition, it is easy to carry along on your travels thanks to its light weight.
  • Compared to cotton, its durability is lower. Because of this, you might have to renew your bathrobe more often. High-temperature washing is not recommended.
  • Since bamboo bathrobes are more costly to manufacture, their prices are less affordable than those made of cotton.

As we mentioned above, the structures of cotton bathrobes and bamboo bathrobes differ. While you are looking for the most suitable bathrobe type for you, you can make the right choice by considering the criteria listed above.


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