Experience True Relaxation with a Mediterranean Bathroom

The nations along the Mediterranean Sea’s shore are the source of the Mediterranean design aesthetic. It is sometimes referred to as Tuscan or Spanish Modern. This style saw a comeback in popularity in the United States in the early 20th century. Check out some of the Mediterranean bathroom ideas below for inspiration on how to incorporate this style into your next renovation.

The Essential Features of a Bathroom in the Mediterranean Style

A mediterranean bathroom


The natural world serves as a major source of inspiration for Mediterranean bathroom designs. Here are some ideas for adding a seaside vibe to your bathroom.


  • Earth-based tiles: Tiles are among the key components of Mediterranean architecture. These bathrooms typically have warm-colored terracotta tiles. The walls may have more intricate tiles than the flooring, which are often simple and basic.
  • Bright and vivid hues: A warm color palette is used to create a Mediterranean color scheme that conjures up images of sunny days spent by the sea. The colors yellow, orange, red, and white will be dominant. To create a feeling of the sea, add a hint of blue.
  • Curves and arches: A Mediterranean bathroom  design should not have straight, harsh edges. The doorway, shower, and mirror should all, ideally, be arched or curved.
  • Vintage and new: You can always put the spotlight on some oldie but goldie items. You might have a beautiful mirror with a vintage chandelier in your bathroom or a polished marble vanity with a rustic chair.
  • Natural wood: Wooden seats and cabinets enhance the Mediterranean style’s natural atmosphere.
  • Ornate lighting: Suspend something striking from the ceiling, such as a big lantern or a chandelier in the shape of a star. Try to locate lights made of materials like antiqued glass, wrought iron, or hammered metals to maintain the natural feel.
  • Vessel sinks: A vessel sink typically has a bowl form, but various shapes are also available. It rests on top of the counter. They can expand the countertop’s surface area and are often simple to install.


Why Select a Bathroom in the Mediterranean Style?

Wooden modern bathroom with double washbasin

When redesigning your bathroom, there are a plethora of designs to pick from. Here are some arguments in favor of using a Mediterranean bathroom theme.


  • The layout makes everyone think of being outside at the beach. If you are unable to go to the Mediterranean, this might aid in your relaxation after a hard day.


  • Because of its versatility, the Mediterranean design allows you to blend modern and vintage furniture. Utilize items you already own to create a distinctive style for your bathroom. Additionally, it’s simple to switch up the decor sometimes to keep the space looking new.


  • Bathrooms in the Mediterranean style are frequently seen at opulent resorts, sometimes in expansive suites with stunning views of the ocean. Compared to the stiff, aristocratic richness of more well-known French and British influenced designs, they give a more laid-back, sensuous environment. And it makes sense—the Mediterranean area, particularly Rome and Turkey, is home to some of the most renowned and lavish baths in the world. Roman baths and hammams are typically open to the public, but adding a gorgeously tiled steam shower and a deep soaking tub to your house can enable you to replicate some of the traditional medical spa treatments of the Mediterranean area.


  • It doesn’t have to be pricey to renovate. It may be as simple as painting the walls in hues inspired by the Mediterranean.


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