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Have you ever thought about the journey of cotton, which is the raw material of the textile industry and very valuable in terms of production, until it reaches your home? Cotton, which transforms the fields into a pure white feast and offers fascinating views, goes through many stages from the field to the factory and from the factory to you.

As Homelover, in this article, we discussed the journey of cotton, which offers a different visual feast at every stage when it grows in the fields and is beneficial as both a natural and durable material in production. Let’s witness the journey of cotton that provides homelover towel quality together.


The Story Begins

Who can guess that tiny purple seeds will grow into a white and dazzling plant? Like every new beginning and birth, cotton seeds meet the soil first and the story begins right here and the first seeds for Homelover towel are planted. After a while, the seeds start to sprout and green sprouts cover the cotton field. In this process, where we witness the magnificence of nature, cotton grows day by day. Growing cotton is a job that requires labor and care. After the plant starts to grow, it can be surrounded by harmful weeds. This process is critical. If the hoeing is not to be done properly, the yield of the cotton may decrease or the plant may not be able to complete its journey.


Fairytale Land with Flowers

The cotton plant, which is properly cared for and continues to grow, finally enters the flowering period. Offering a visual feast, the white and red flowers begin to form cocoons after a while. The cotton formation is completed in the cocoon process. The cocoons that complete their development open and the fields suddenly surrender to the magnificence of white.

Harvest Begins

Cotton harvest time varies according to regions, climatic conditions, and cotton planting time. Harvesting is done either by hand or by machine. Although hand-harvesting is often preferred as the traditional method, with the development of technology, machines stepped in. We can say that thanks to mechanization, it has become possible to harvest both faster and more efficiently.


Meeting Time

The cotton that has been harvested and prepared for transportation under suitable conditions is finally ready to go to our factory. When our raw material, cotton, which is produced in the best quality and we follow every stage of production with great care, reaches our factory, the preparation process for production begins.

Homelover Towel Production

Homelover, which set out to design the “Turkish Towel” in an original way and does not compromise on naturalness at every stage of production, takes its place on the counters with its wide product range and collections appealing to all tastes.  Homelover, which processes carefully selected Turkish cotton with its 40 years of experience in the sector and acts with the goal of 100% user happiness, makes life easier and comfortable.

The fascinating and miraculous journey of cotton, which reaches our valued customers from the fields to the factory benches and from the looms, is thus completed.

You can start to check Homelover towels, which are made of 100% cotton.

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