Great Tips To Take Care of Hand Towels

The feeling a fluffy, soft, and clean hand towel gives is incomparable. But after using them for a while, they tend to lose their fluff and softness. But how can you keep your towels soft and fluffy? Should you use fabric softeners? As Homelover, we are going to talk about the best ways to take care of your hand towels.

How often should you wash your towels?

How often should you wash your towels?

Over washing your towel can cause your towel to age faster and lose its comforting traits. As hand towels are used pretty often, you should change them every two days, depending on the frequency of usage. You should own a couple sets of hand towels depending on the number of people in your house, as for a hygienic and healthy towel, you need to change them often.

Another recommendation is to wash the towel before using it for the first time. The reason for this wash is to get rid of any excess or loose fibers on the towel before using it to avoid any annoying shedding. It also washes off any residues left on the towel from the manufacturing and softening procedures, making it more absorbent.


At what temperature should towels be washed?

The ideal temperature for having long-lasting and soft towels is 30 degrees. Of course, it should be compatible with the instructions on the label of your towel.


What detergent should I use when washing my towels?

What detergent should I use when washing my towels?

High-quality detergents are important for taking care of your towels. Gel or liquid detergents should be your go-to choice for colored towels, including light colors. For your white hand towels, powders are the better option.

An important point is to make sure there are no optical brighteners in your product of choice when washing your hand towels. These products are known to give towels a washed-out color, and they can also cause bleach marks. It is also important to avoid detergents with heavy bleaching agents in them, as they can stain your towels, especially the white ones.


Should you use fabric softener on towels?

When it first comes to mind, fabric softeners sound like a good idea to soften your towels. After all, it’s in the name, isn’t it? Well, not exactly. Softeners leave residue on the fibers of your towel, covering them and reducing the absorbency of your towel. As it builds up, it also causes your hand towel to feel rough and scratchy, just what you wanted to avoid in the first place. So, if you want soft and long-lasting hand towels, avoid fabric softeners and wash them with the appropriate amount of detergent.


How should you dry towels?

How should you dry towels?

The best way to keep your towels soft and fluffy is by tumble drying. Your towels will have an extra fluffiness after you dry them this way, thanks to the heat. To achieve the best softness you can after drying, remove your towels early from the tumble dryer while they are still slightly damp and line dry them before storing them in a dry and cool place. If you want to spend less electricity and reduce your carbon footprint, you can always line dry your bath towels instead of tumble drying them.

You can achieve the optimal softness for your hand towels by following the instructions above.


How can I make the color of my towel last longer?

There are three tips that can help you keep the colors of your towels as vibrant as the first day. If you follow these tips, your hand towels will keep their bright colors for a long time.

Try not to get any makeup, sun cream, or hair products on the towels. These products and some toothpastes can sometimes contain stuff that can leave dye or bleach marks on your hand towel. But if you want to keep on using these products, you can use two different towels for your hands and face. Another thing you might want to consider is that if you use fake tanning products, they might stain the towels, so you might want to consider other colors than white or light colors for your hand towels.

Wash towels separately, as the residues they leave can get on other towels and make the wash useless. Also, to properly clean your towels, use the full-load setting of your washing machine.

Read and apply the instructions on the detergents and the towel labels.


What can I do to prevent my towels from shedding fibers when I wash them?

It is inevitable for your towel to start shedding at some point. But you can still delay it with the right actions. Here are two things you can do to reduce the amount of shedding and keep your towels healthy for a longer time:

Don’t overfill your washing machine. Fill your washing machine only until it is half full. More filling causes friction between the towels, resulting in more shedding.

Choose the best quality hand towels. The cotton used in the making of said towels is more durable. Their durability helps them shed less and keep their softness for a longer time.


How long does a towel last for?

An average towel should be good for 80–100 washes if you take care of them well enough. However, as the number of washes increases, the number of fibers on them decreases, making them thin, scratchy, and less absorbent. When you think you at least need to wash them every 4-5 days, they can last approximately 2 years. A way to tackle this is to have more towel sets to reduce the amount of time you need to wash your towels.


How to re-use and recycle your towels

Your towels will get old eventually, but what can you do with them after they do? You can always cut them into small rags to use as cleaning cloths around the house or while doing some dirty work on your car or garden.

Other options, if you don’t intend to use them, are to donate them to an animal shelter or to a recycling center to extend the usefulness of your old towels.


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