Towels are used on a daily basis thanks to their handiness. They are a must-have for every bathroom.

When you think which towel is best, the answer is the one that balances comfort and practicality. It should be soft, absorbent, and made of top-quality materials. This is why we use 100% organic Turkish cotton for our towels. Turkish towels made of Turkish cotton are famous for their softness and absorptivity. The city of Bursa in Turkey is credited as the hometown of the towel, and we continue to use top-quality fabric that was used back in the day to preserve the tradition of high quality, soft and absorbent towels to this day.

Absorptivity is important

If you are asking yourself which towel is best for your hair or your body, our towels are the answer. Our towels are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton that is ultra-absorbent. If you are looking for a towel to dry your hair, our towels are the ideal option as they are both soft and highly absorbent and won’t wear out your hair. And if you are looking for a towel to dry your body, with our bathrobes and bath towels that are soft, absorbent, and fluffy, you can improve the comfort of your relaxing baths.

Every stylish bathroom’s must-have

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It represents the hygiene and sleekness of your house. That’s why having a stylish bathroom is necessary for any house. And every stylish bathroom needs stylish towels in order to look the part. Towels are one of the main things that catch the eye when one enters the room, so it is important to have a towel that matches your bathroom’s class. Our beautiful towels will help you achieve the classy look you want in your bathroom for your family and guests.

Tradition above all

Hospitality is an important part of Turkish tradition. We, as the Turkish people, love hosting and having guests over and always try to take care of them the best we can. That’s why every Turkish home has guest towels for their dear guests. Guest towels are one of the most amicable and hospitable things you can have in your bathroom to make your guests feel at home. That’s why guest towels are essential to any bathroom that shows you care.

History that lives

Towels as we know were found in the city of Bursa in Turkey. The predecessor of the modern towel was a special Turkish towel called the peshtamal. It was narrow, long, and made of linen, which made it ideal for use in natural springs and bathhouses as it was light, dried easily, absorbed quite a lot, and could cover around your body. Families of status had their own peshtamals with gold and silver embroideries on the corners, made by traditional carpet weavers. The designs were made more intricately, the more important the family was. They were also important to young women of the family as they were used in their pre-matrimonial ceremonies that sometimes took place in bathhouses with other female members of the family. With the advancement of the cotton industry in Turkey, these towels were improved into cotton towels that were spun with yarn that also had loops on top of them. With Bursa also being the home for silk production in the Ottoman Empire, this change in the concept improved the already exquisite design. In the 17th century, as production increased, this new type of towel called havlu became cheaper and entered most households as an essential part of daily life.

Research & Development

Homelover has built its R&D objectives around sustainability-based production models.


Homelover R & D Center, which analyzes globally changing market conditions and customer experiences, aims to further integrate green technology into their production with an understanding of sustainability, while also improving its organic and unique product line based on its analyses.

Homelover R&D Center has succeeded in keeping its towels and bathrobes’ quality high and its newly released products long-lasting by strengthening its technological infrastructure.


Investments are being made to enrich the current system by participating in national and international R&D collaboration programs for the developed products.

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