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You wake up in the morning and start a new day. One of the best ways to start the day well is to wash your face. After washing your face, remember your face’s touch with the face towel. Is your towel hard and irritating to your face? Or can’t you get rid of the feeling of wetness even if you dry your face? Think about the same scenario for a hand towel. Hand towel is one of the household items we use most during the day. When you first entered the house from the outside, you washed your hands well and took your hand towel. Maybe you last used your towel hours ago, but the feeling of wetness is as intense as if you just used it, or your towel is too hard and bothers you while drying your hands. You may have experienced such problems, or you may still continue to experience them.


As Homelover blog, we have compiled some information that we think will guide you during the selection of hand and face towels in this article.


Choose The Towel Which Is Highly Absorbent

 The highly absorbent towel prevents you from constantly feeling wet. Wouldn’t it be great to have your hand or face towel dry every time you pick it up? If you haven’t experienced this feeling yet, it means it’s time to meet Homelover hand and face towels.


Choose The -Right Towel Sizes

Bath towel, face towel, or hand towel… Each type of towel is produced in accordance with the criteria that will provide convenience in terms of use. Choosing a hand towel the size of a bath towel will cause you difficulty in drying your hands. Or you may not be able to dry your face as well as you want with an extremely small towel. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you always choose towels in sizes suitable for your intended use. In addition, towels that are larger or smaller than necessary will also cause problems in terms of your bathroom decoration.




Find Out What Material Is Used In Your Towel

One of the points you should pay attention to when choosing towel models, and perhaps the most important, is the type of material used. While producing towels,many different materials such as cotton, linen or bamboo can be preferred. So which material should you choose? Towels with 100% cotton content have superior absorbency. Thanks to its quality form, 100% cotton towel release the water it absorbs into the air much faster than other towel types. This allows the towel to dry faster compared to other towel types. Situations where towels do not dry quickly and stay moist for a long time cause bacteria. We recommend that you choose 100% cotton towels in order not to feel the feeling of wetness and to avoid the risk of drying your hands and face with unhygienic towels. Homelover hand and face towels are made of 100% cotton and have high absorbency.



Quality Towel, Clear From Its Shape

Think about the times you went to buy towels. Some towels come to your hands full,while others are almost as thin and sparsely woven as the clothes you use daily.When you take the sparsely woven towels in your hand, you can notice the spaces between them and you can easily see the base. These towels are not long-lasting and will not be enough to provide you with the comfort you dream of. However, 100% cotton and tightly woven towels show their difference in terms of both stance and usage.


Quality Towel Always Gives You a Feeling Of Softness

 You must have observed that the towels you touch and find soft on the counter become hard in a few washes. These towels are also not in a form to provide a comfortable use in terms of both material quality and weaving density, and they irritate your skin. If you want the soft feeling of your towel to continue after each wash, Homelover towels are waiting for you.

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