Hot Springs: A Winter Oasis

Have you ever wanted to feel the warm embrace of nature in the middle of winter? The sanctuary and shelter you are looking for are none other than hot springs. They are one of the most enjoyable places you can visit to both bolster your body and relax your mind. The tranquility you feel after visiting one is really hard to match. Perhaps the only downside of hot springs is that you might be left wanting to spend more time in these wonders of nature.

A hot spring, also known as a hydrothermal spring or geothermal spring, is created by geothermally heated underground water sources coming out of the ground and creating a pool. These pools of water are heated by molten rocks beneath the ground that are close to the ground.

These wonderful small bodies of water are quite rich in minerals, making them great sources of therapeutic use for different things. They are also quite famous for helping with joint aches and pains in people of all ages.

Now that we have established how helpful and lovely hot springs are, you might be thinking, “Where can I find a hot spring?” Homelover is here to put your mind at ease, as we are going to answer your question with some lovely hot spring locations around the globe.


Saturnia Hot Springs, Italy

Saturnia Hot Springs, ItalyItaly has one of the best hot springs in Europe. Saturnia Hot Springs, located in Tuscany, is a wonderful and high-quality establishment in the middle of nature. The turquoise hot spring pools near a warm river are unquestionably beautiful. 

The white sinter pools located here are one of the most beautiful-looking wonders of nature. It is a popular place that is visited by people of all ages and nationalities.

The pools are open both in the winter and the summer. They are especially gorgeous when you welcome the sun in the early moments of dawn.

Spending 15 minutes in the waters of the pools or the river is enough for anyone with joint problems, thanks to its high sulfur content. Those who want to enjoy the waters can, however, stick around.


Pamukkale Pools, Turkey

Pamukkale Pools, TurkeyPerhaps one of the most famous tourist locations with thermal baths is Pamukkale, located in a small town near the city of Denizli in Turkey. The white cliffs made of dissolved calcium bicarbonate are a true beauty of nature to behold from the town below.

The Turkish name given to the wonderful pools, Pamukkale, means “Cotton Castle” because of the glorious way they look.

A place full of history is also located just near the pools. The ancient city of Hieropolis was well known at a certain point in history as a city of healing and treatment thanks to the thermal pools.

There is also Cleopatra’s Pool in between these two historical locations. Unlike the thermal pools, this one is not a work of nature itself. However, the name comes from the rumor that Cleopatra herself actually used to come here during her reign to enjoy the pools.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, IcelandWhile all thermal pools and hot springs look beautiful, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland sure does. The unbelievable part of this wonder of nature is that it is only a 20-minute drive from Reykjavik airport.

Even the road to spring itself is gorgeous. While you drive to the amazing location, you are surrounded by the hardened lava fields of western Iceland. The lava rocks even surround the spring itself, taking the aesthetic of the location to another level.

The most important and awe-inspiring part of the hot spring itself is the beautiful blue hue of the water. The magical color of the water will surely add to your experience and make you feel magical yourself.


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