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The hygiene of your towels is very important as you use most of them on a daily basis. So you should take care of them by washing them when they need to be washed.

And today we are going to discuss just that: how often you should wash your towels.


Bath And Body Towels

Recommended washing frequency: After 3-4 times of use


Although bath towels are products designed for frequent and intensive use, the towel you use may start to smell after just a shower or two. This odor comes on more easily, especially if they are not properly ventilated. If you do sports regularly or have a job based on physical activity, you should consider changing them a little more often. Also, you should not share your towel with other members of your family. Towel sharing is the first thing you should never do, especially if a member of your family has a contagious skin disease.


You shouldn’t wait for rips and stains on the towel. If a towel does not look soft and underused, it means that it has reached the end of its useful life. You shouldn’t use them even if there is an odor from products such as detergent and bleach. Ideally, the towels you use should feel brand new.


Kitchen Towels

Recommended washing frequency: Once a week


Kitchen towels collect food remnants, and food residue stains create a foul odor caused by bacteria. This is why you should wash them at least every week. If you have towels or cloths that stay in the kitchen for decorative purposes and are used less frequently, you can wash them once a month. But if you frequently organize dinner parties for your friends, you should change them more often. In addition, if you are someone who cooks 3 meals a day at home and you have guests come over frequently, you should wash your kitchen towels more often and change them when they get old.


Hand And Face Towels

Recommended washing frequency: Every 2-3 days.


Hand towels are used every day, so you should wash them very often to get rid of any possible remnants to prevent an environment that bacteria can grow in. After all, would you like to dry your hands or face with a towel with your grandfather’s toothpaste stains? Of course not. The advantage of hand and face towels is that they are quite inexpensive compared to other linen and towel products. For this reason, it is good for your health to buy a few spare ones and keep them in your closet. If your hand and face towels are torn, stained, or just tired of the way they look, replace them. It’s not worth what you think. Indulge yourself a little these days when quality linens and towels are readily available in many colors and sizes. It makes a lot of sense to buy a spare set in many different designs and colors.


Bath Mats

Recommended washing frequency: 1 – 2 weeks


The frequency of washing bath mats varies according to the conditions of use and the quality of the mat. If it never looks good enough, it should be washed every week. If it doesn’t look the way you want, throw it in the washing machine. If it is soft and odorless, you can increase the washing frequency a little. If you want to extend the time between washes, we recommend that you dry the mat on the edge of the tub after bathing or buy a reversible mat.


If you would like to read more about towels, check out our blog.


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