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In these days when we are experiencing the summer season, holiday plans have started to be made and shopping lists have started to be prepared before the holiday. Especially while browsing the most beautiful swimsuits and bikinis during shopping, towels should not be overlooked. Because they are our biggest helpers, who will be the closest to us during the holiday and will save us from the heat of the hot sands and from getting wet. As such, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of beach towels. But what should be considered when choosing a beach towel?


We have written for you the tricks you should pay attention to when choosing a beach towel. Do not decide on the choice of beach towel without looking at these tips. So, if you’re ready, let’s start with the first item.


Focus on Absorbency


The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a beach towel should be the absorbency of the towel. The towel you choose should be made of such a material that it quickly absorbs water from your body after the sea or pool and tends to dry out quickly. The material you can choose for this is, of course, cotton. Cotton towels are one of the most preferred towel types due to their:


  • Soft texture
  • Liquid absorbing structure
  • Fast drying

The vast majority of beach towels are made from cotton due to the factors above. While you are buying beach towels, you can buy towels made of 100% cotton by considering these advantages of cotton.


Make Sure of Its Texture



The beach towel should have a soft texture as well as be absorbent. This way, you protect your skin from possible irritations while lying on it and sunbathing or drying. Therefore, we recommend cotton towels, which are known for their softness. The towels, which are made of organic cotton without mixing any other materials, offer a very comfortable experience with their soft texture.


Check the Dimensions



The size of beach towels is generally in accordance with standard sizes. Beach towels are normally designed as thin and long, rectangular in size. But they have gained a new look with the round beach towel models put forward by an Australian brand in recent years. These trending new models have also started to shape beach fashion. Whether your choice is a classic model or a round model, you should make sure that your product is not too thick. Remember that thickness means weight. It also means a longer time to dry and more fibers for sand to stick to. For this reason, it would be beneficial to make a choice considering that it does not take up much space in both your beach bag and your holiday suitcase. Our suggestion is that you prefer thinner towels.


Thinner beach towels are among the most useful towel types, as they are produced from cotton, have a thin structure, a soft texture, absorb water quickly and dry quickly. You can choose a beach towel suitable for yourself from thinner options with different color patterns and enjoy its lightness and delicacy.


Pick a Design That Suits You

And finally, of course, the model you choose is also important. 2022 beach fashion tells us that beach towel models decorated with ethnic and tropical patterns, in which colors are at the forefront, are in demand. By paying attention to the priorities listed above, you can choose a model that will be compatible with your swimsuit or bikini.


Today we mentioned how you can choose a great beach towel. If you would like to read more useful tips and practical information, check out our blog.


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