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Cleaning beach towels is not something that is taken seriously very often. But it is important to care for them if you want them to have a long life.

They have to endure a lot more than their bath counterparts. They are stained with sand, sweat, sunscreen, and sea salt for long periods of time.

This is where the importance of proper washing comes in. As it will keep your towels healthy for a long time.

We are going to tell you about the best ways to keep your beach towel in peachy condition. But before that, we need you to know something even more important.

Bath towels are not meant for the beach. Bath towels are mistakenly used for going to the beach, which has some really serious effects on the life of your towel.

They hold more sand on them and they are shorter than beach towels, making them worse for hanging out on or laying on.

So it’s better to always own a proper beach towel for a day at the beach.

Shake & Dry

Shaking your towel first before doing anything can get rid of any big sand buildups on the towel. After shaking, you should hang them up to dry.

As you completely dry your towel, the bacteria that are trying to hitchhike on your towel will die off. The rays of the sun make sure that you won’t have any uninvited guests on your towel.

Shake #2
Shaking for the second time is crucial, as otherwise you will carry a lot of sand to your home, and even more irritating, excess sand can damage your washing machine.

A strong shake after drying your beach towel will make sure there is as little sand as possible left on your towel.

Do not hesitate to give it a good shake, as it will decrease the amount of sand left on the towel.

A cold wash

As soon as you get home, put your towel in the washing machine with similar colored laundry and make sure to wash them on the cold setting.

The cold water helps you avoid embedding sand remains into the fibers of your beautiful towel. It also keeps the colors of your towel more vibrant for a longer duration, while also helping you avoid any shrinkage.

Specifically, clean sunscreen stains
If you are dealing with any previous stains, warm water is a better option. In particular, sunscreen stains.

Some sunscreens can include avobenzone. This material can leave a rust-colored stain on your towel if your water is on the hard side.

Adding a regular water softener to the laundry would normally be enough to prevent any stain mishaps.

If you already have the stain and need a way to fix it, you can use a commercial rust remover. Another possible solution is that if you spot the stain right away, apply sand to soak up the oil from the sunscreen.

This greatly helps the procedure of removing the stain in the wash.

Don’t use fabric softener

When washing your beach towels, use less detergent and don’t use fabric softener at all. Too much detergent or fabric softener can greatly decrease the absorbency of a towel and harden it.

Hang them up

If you want to be eco-friendly when drying your towels, hanging them up is the way to go. Another alternative is to tumble dry.

Of course, before doing so, you should read the tags on your towels. It is also wise to tumble dry on the low setting.

Don’t wash too often

You don’t particularly have to wash your beach towels after every use. Washing them every third use is good enough to keep

them free of bacteria.

You can, of course, wash whenever you deem your towel dirty or smelly and only wash when needed

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