White and beige soft rolled cotton towels

Although choosing a quality towel may seem like an easy task, there are many criteria to be

considered in terms of both health and comfort. Hand towels, bath towels, bathrobes, and foot towels that reveal the style of our home are the products we use frequently in our daily life.

Think about how many times a day you dry your hands. The fact that the hand towel feels wet, does not dry your hands well, or is too hard in structure and irritating to the skin negatively affects your quality of life. It is also very annoying that your towel does not dry as it should after the bath and is in

a rough form.

As Homelover Blog, in this article, search engines are frequently asked “How to know the quality towel?” We will focus on the answer to the question.


Thread Quality of Towel

Towels require frequent washing. In addition, it is recommended to wash towels at a high level in terms of hygiene compared to most textile products. In other words, when choosing a towel, attention should be paid to the fact that the towel is produced from high-quality yarn.

Otherwise, your towels will wear out in a short time and will harden at the end of frequent washing. Even the colors of your products may not remain as vibrant as before. For this reason, you should choose towels made of high-quality yarn.



Attention to 100% Cotton Label

As with every product, you should check the label when buying towels. The towel you plan to buy must have a 100% cotton label.

Homelover towels are produced from 100% cotton. Cotton fibers in cotton towels can both hold a large amount of water and absorb water perfectly.

So, when you dry your hand or body, the feeling of wetness disappears in a very short time and your skin dries quickly.


Towel Should Be Tightly Woven

The more densely woven a towel has, the higher its water absorbency. The easiest way to understand whether the towel is touched frequently is to take the towel in your hand and check whether you can see the floor of the towel.

Loosely woven towels can be distinguished because they are both in light form and easily show the floor. If you have seen such a towel, we can say that this towel is not a high-quality product.



Quality Towel Can Be Known From Its Weight

When you take a high-quality towel in your hand, you should feel its weight. The weight of the towel is measured in GSM. Beach and sports towels may be lower in GSM.

Because it is more important that these products are easy to dry and light but the GSM values of bath, head and foot towels should be high. When you take Homelover towels in your hands, you can immediately notice the quality and weight.


Don’t Forget The Design!

In addition to important criteria such as what material the towels are made of and how they are woven, their design is also among the factors affecting the selection of towels.

The colors and patterns of the towels stand out because they fit well with the bathroom decoration and reflect our personalities. Homelover bath towels and bathrobes are produced in a high-quality and in a way that appeals to all tastes with their colorful and various models.

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