How to Pick a Towel Color?

Colors are one of the most important things for a bathroom aesthetically. They are what make your bathroom look pleasing to the eye and the soul.  Towel colors are one of the main color sources in a bathroom that get the attention of people who use the bathroom.

Towels are one of the items that are essential to any bathroom. They are frequently used in our daily lives and they catch the eye whenever you walk into a bathroom. They are one of the items that tie the room together.

So when it comes to such a crucial item, picking an important aspect such as the color is a serious task. If you are wondering what towel color is the best or looking for bathroom towel color ideas, this article is going to help you find the answer you are looking for.


Pick According to Your Bathroom’s Primary Colors

White toilet against beige wall in modern bathroom interior with washbasin.

The most important thing while picking a towel color is your bathroom’s most prominent color. You should pick a different shade of the color or a color with a similar hue.

For example, when you ask what color towels for beige bathroom, the best answers are three colors; white, gray, and brown

The light hue of white and gray can further compliment the soft energy of your bathroom. Gray especially can bring a modern touch to your bathroom. While white can elevate the fresh and easy-going vibe of your bathroom.

As brown is a darker shade of beige, it perfectly compliments the warm and rustic energy of your bathroom. It also creates a juxtaposition, further highlighting the colors of your bathroom.

Different Towel, Different Shade

Color options on a display

If you want more variation in your bathroom while keeping the basic color scheme, you can use different shades for your different types of towels.

Let’s say you have hand towels, face cloths, and guest towels. You can use the lightest shade for your face cloths and get darker as you move on to larger towels. If you have even more different size towels, you can shade them even more, creating a lovely spectrum of sorts.


Prefer Calmer Colors

A stack of bathrobes on wooden table

More extreme towel colors make it harder to match the colors of your bathroom while also saving that elegant look. 

But that does not mean that you should use only light colors. Using only soft colors including but not limited towel colors, can make your bathroom look dull.

If you want to bring more life and energy to your bathroom, don’t go overboard and use too many vibrant colors as it might make your bathroom look busy and smothering.


Consider Your Bathroom’s Size

An often forgotten factor while selecting towels is your bathroom’s size. Walls of a bathroom can drastically change the way a bathroom looks and feels. Towels can also create the same effect in a bathroom.

If you prefer darker towel colors, your bathroom can look smaller than it actually is. Lighter colored towels however make your bathroom look more large.

So if you have a small bathroom, you can use lighter shades of colors that you have used in your bathroom to make it look more spacious. And if you have a bathroom that you think is too large, you can use darker colors to make it look cozy.

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