How to Take Care of Your Bathrobe

The fabric of bathrobes that you use ought to be hygienic apart from other attributes that increase their comfort. If you want an answer to the question “how to take care of bathrobes?” then we’ve got you covered.


We are going to be talking about how often and how you should wash your bathrobe, how you should dry them, and, of course, how you can make them last as long as it possibly can.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bathrobes?

Bathrobes don’t require you to wash them after every use. If you are using it only after bathing or showering, a good interval between washes would be to wash after every three or four uses.

 But if you are wearing your robe around the house, how often you should wash it is about how long and with what underneath you wear it.

Maybe you like putting on a robe over your pajamas for your morning coffee, which doesn’t require you to clean it very often. Or maybe you just prefer to wear it longer with nothing underneath it.

You just have to make sure that you wash it after spilling something on it, wearing it when ill, or going outside with your robe.

This way, next time you want to wear it, you are going to have a clean and soft robe ready for you.

How to Wash a Bathrobe?

While there are more detailed methods to clean according to material, this information applies to most robes.

The very first thing you should do is add ¼ of a cup of detergent.

Before you begin, add a quarter-cup of laundry detergent to your empty washing machine.

When choosing the setting, pick one that is delicate, has a medium spin, and has a cold or warm water option.

It is much better to take off the belt of the bathrobe, as it can twist and turn when left on the robe itself. You can, however, throw it in with the rest of the laundry.

If you use a delicates bag for your laundry, you can also put the belt in it.

The general color and fabric of your laundry load should be the same. You can still put different kinds of things like sheets, towels, robes, and pajamas.

If possible, running an empty cycle in your washing machine without loading would be beneficial, as it gives the soap a chance to fully dissolve.


Robe Washing Tips


These expert tips are good to keep in mind while washing your bathrobes.

Laundry soaps or detergents that are natural are a good option as they are much more nature-friendly than other alternatives and they are much gentler on the fabrics. Also, take care not to overuse detergent, as it can stiffen up your textiles.

It is wiser to avoid bleach or optical brighteners. Organic-based stain removers can be used for spots or stains.

Fabric softeners can reduce the absorbency and fluffiness of your robe, and they can also irritate the skin, so keeping clear of fabric softeners is a good choice. Instead, you can use wool dryer balls.

As a general laundry rule, you should always launder fabrics of the same color together. As some products bleed their color, your other laundry can get some of that color on them, changing their hue.

Don’t try to wash everything at once. If your laundry load is too much, your bathrobes and towels might not properly spin. Try to limit your load to ¾ of the capacity of your washing machine.


How to Dry a Bathrobe?


When you wear your bathrobe after a shower, you can just hang it up in your bathroom for it to dry, just like a towel.

If you are looking to dry your robe after washing it, the best way to dry it is to tumle-dry it in a dryer with low heat.

It is also quite possible to just air-dry it. This is not the best way to dry your robe if it is made of more absorbent and thicker materials, because they take a longer time to dry and won’t get as soft as they would in a dryer. Another option is to tumble-dry for 20 minutes and then air-dry.

To make your fabrics softer and dry faster, you can use wool dryer balls, as they are eco-friendly.

Special Care Instructions for Materials


Plush Cotton Robes

As we mentioned at the start, the material changes the way you should take care of your robe. What you want to do with Turkish cotton robes is to not forget their weight and not overload your washing machine when you add them to the load.

The best way to take care of them is to wash them with cold water and a mild detergent. Tumble drying on low heat after the wash is also important. If you want better results, you can add wool dryer balls to get a more fluffy texture.


Waffle Robes

The material for waffle robes is quite lighter than Turkish cotton ones, but the same rules apply to them all the same.

You can choose a normal or delicate washing option with cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Again, you can add wool dryer balls for extra fluff.


Cloud Cotton Robes

While cloud cotton is a light fabric that looks delicate, it is made with a four-ply fabrication using Turkish cotton, so it is pretty strong.

You can again follow the same instructions with the previous fabrics. They are all made from cotton, so they require the same care.


Linen Robes

Washing linen robes is a little bit different from washing cotton robes. Make sure to choose a delicate cycle with warm water. As linen is more durable, it can endure more heat. But this does not mean it is suitable for hot water.

Low heat tumble-drying is again the way to go. Wool dryer balls can be used to prevent creases. However, air-drying is a better option for creases and wrinkles.

As linen is a light fabric, you don’t have to worry about the time it will take to air-dry. It dries pretty quickly and with ease.


Organic Cotton Robes

The best way to wash and dry a knit organic cotton robe is to use a delicate cycle and warm or cold water. You can either tumble-dry or air-dry. They are both good options.


When to Replace Your Bathrobe

With all this information, now you are ready to properly wash a robe. But what about when you need to say goodbye to your bathrobe and get a new one?

If you like wearing your robe on a daily basis, that robe will last you a good two years if you take proper care of it. But if you use it less, say, only on weekend mornings, your robe can be with you for more than two years for sure.

There are a couple of factors that you should consider when deciding to replace your robe. If it has holes or tears, if it is less absorbent, if it smells all the time or has stains that won’t wash off, you have to replace your beloved robe.

And when you think the time has come for you to replace your robe, browsing Homelover’s catalog of bathrobes is the only thing you need to do.

With our 100% organic Turkish cotton bathrobes, you won’t need to look for any other replacements than another Homelover robe.


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