Picking a Towel Color According to Your Personality

Need help picking a towel color that is unique to your personality? Homelover has got you covered.


Colors, a type of energy produced by light, affect our emotions. Colors, which are decisive in our actions as they affect our emotions, can cause us to feel happy, unhappy, sluggish, or energetic. When people think of the spring and summer seasons, chirpy colors come to mind, and they therefore feel energetic. For the autumn and winter seasons, they feel and think the opposite, because they may associate autumn with the gray color. Would you like to cross a path full of colorful flowers or be accompanied by gray cobblestones?

The colors of our environment also affect us. Each color has the power to affect different emotions. This effect changes depending on the brightness of the color and whether it is a warm or cold color. Warm colors usually reflect happiness, optimism, and energy, while cold colors represent calmness and sadness. Orange, among the intermediate colors, is described as a warm color, while green and purple are a few of the cold colors.

The colors reflected by an object are perceived by millions of cells in our eyes. A complex process awaits the colors we perceive thanks to these tiny cells. It’s time to communicate with the response centers in the deep brain structures. These brain structures differ between men and women. Because men and women have different brain structures, they perceive colors differently.  While green, teal, orange, and dark purple are the colors preferred by men, women tend to prefer light-pale colors such as turquoise green, light blue, and pink.

We talked about the effect of colors on people, and now we can help you find the towel color that suits your personality.


The Color of Confidence, BlueBlue hydrangea flowers

Blue is the color of loneliness, sadness, wisdom, trust, and loyalty. The color blue also has a positive effect on people as it evokes determination and commitment. People who prefer the color blue are said to be tolerant and pro-negotiation. It has been seen that these people seek peace. If you love knowledge, want to emphasize trust and loyalty, and have a tolerant personality, blue is the towel color for you.


Black and White

Black pencil on white background and white pencil on black backgroundFor black, which is a controversial color, some have negative feelings and some have positive ones. Black, which is associated with dark forces, crime, and evil, is also remembered with loyalty, perseverance, endurance, prudence, wisdom, and reliability. 

The opposite of black, which means grief and mourning, white symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Do you like white or black as a towel color, which has a cool and refreshing feel overall?


The Most Noble Color, Purple

Purple liquid symbolizing purple towel colorThe color of nobility is purple; it symbolizes luxury, wealth, and elegance. Purple, which is the color of romance, sensuality, and passion, is mostly preferred in decoration due to its flamboyant atmosphere. Some state that it is an artificial color for the color purple. Those who love luxury and elegance should take a look at the purple as a towel color.


Nature’s Color, Brown

Brown trees in Autumn forestBrown, the color of earth and wood, feels solid and reliable. Brown, which creates a natural, comfortable, and open atmosphere, is known to create positive effects with messages of stability, strength, maturity, and reliability. So, do you have a personality suitable for these messages? If your answer is yes, you can pick brown as a towel color.


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