Homelover Towel Set (Deep Sea Blue) – 2 Bath, 2 Hand and 2 Guest Towels

ORGANIC COTTON: These towels are made from 500 g/m2 of 100% organic Turkish cotton, making them extremely absorbent, soft, and fluffy. The soft touch of these luxurious and remarkably soft towels allows you to feel the splendor of the spa in the comfort of your own home.

LARGE SELECTION: Our towels are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and sets. Guest towel (30×30 cm), hand towel (50×100 cm), bath towel (70×140 cm).

HIGHEST QUALITY REQUIREMENTS: Tested for harmful substances according to Made in Green by OEKO-TEX (Serial number: 20001508) & GOTS (Serial number: CU834514GOTS-2021-00070441)

CARE TIPS: Our towel set does not lint and is washable at 40 °C. It can be dried with a dryer.

SOFTER WITH EVERY WASH: Homelover organic cotton towels soften with every wash for a gorgeous, skin-friendly feel that lasts.

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Organic Cotton

Our products are woven from 100% organic cotton, which means no harmful chemicals have been used during the manufacturing process. Organic farming, which we support, does not pollute the soil, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and saves water. So it’s totally safe for you and our planet.

Change your living atmosphere with warm touches

We are redesigning the traditional “Turkish Towel” with original designs, which has become a global brand with its more than 1500-year history.

We dream and reflect our dreams in our products, and we invite you to be partners in our dreams.

With the aim of adding elegance to all houses with a wide range of products and collections that appeal to every taste, Homelover does not compromise on product quality with its superior performance principles.

We process carefully selected cotton with our 40 years of industry experience and strive to improve product performance day by day in line with our goal of 100% user satisfaction.

Our goal is to make your life easier by improving the comfort of your home where you feel comfortable and peaceful.

How to Wash a Towel

The Global Organic Textile Standard

Genetically Modified Organisms are the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including social criteria, supported by independent third-party certifications of the entire textile supply chain.

Organic fibers are natural fibers that are grown without the use of synthetic materials or GMOs. Following the principles of organic farming, the production process maintains the health of ecosystems, soil, and people.

Organic products play multiple roles in creating an industry that actively lowers environmental impact and prioritizes human health over short-term gains.

Homelover products are manufactured with the Made in Green by Oeko-Tex certification.

MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX is a traceable product label for all types of textile products that have been manufactured by environmentally friendly companies under safe and socially acceptable working conditions. The MADE IN GREEN label also gives the consumer the security that the textile product consists of materials that have been tested for harmful substances.

1. Extra soft

Homelover products are made from long-staple Turkish organic cotton to give you the pleasure of a soft touch. With the finishing processes in production, the products are given a softness beyond the standards. Homelover products also give your body a massage effect while drying.

You will also appreciate the towels that remain soft even after multiple washes.

2. Highly absorbent

The longer the loops, the softer and more absorbent your towel will be. These long loops also make the products very absorbent. Thanks to its high moisture absorption capacity, you will have dry skin immediately. You will be amazed at how quickly all Homelover products, i.e., towels, bath towels, and bathrobes, absorb moisture.

3. Thick yet quick drying

Homelover products are tightly woven from strong fibers using a special weaving process. This makes them much more durable and long-lasting, also not too heavy and they dry quickly.


The hems of the towels are double-stitched. This luxurious finish means our hotel-quality towels are durable and long-lasting. Despite being washed several times, it does not rip and tear and retains its first-cycle shape for a long time, which also guarantees a long-term bond.

Care instructions

To get the maximum performance from your product, we recommend that you follow the care instructions.

Washing instructions

Wash in cold water before first use. Washing in cold water in the first step allows the fibers to open up, making your towels softer and more absorbent. Then machine-wash in warm water. Do not use bleach and fabric softeners. Wash with similar colors to reduce the risk of color bleeding. Do not dry-clean.

Drying instructions

For softer and fluffier towels, we recommend tumble drying on a low setting. Do not iron, as the loops will stick together and the suction power will be reduced. After use, hang towels to dry without folding them. This way, you can prevent the bad smell. Do not expose to the sun for a long time.

Areas of application

After a stressful day, you can wrap yourself in a Homelover towel after the shower. You can also use these towels to wipe off your sweat after the gym, while you prepare delicious meals for your family or yourself in the kitchen, while you relax in the hammam, spa, or sauna. Besides, our double-stitched towels are suitable for hotels, and you can use them on the beach in summer.


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