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You Can Never Go Wrong with the Classic

White bath towels are always in when it comes to style. When it comes to clothing, white is only preferred in certain seasons, but bathrooms aren’t like that. The simple elegance of the white bath towel always makes it a classic.


Remember the 70s when shiny and exuberant tones of green, orange, and gold were used everywhere around the house? What makes white a classic is that it is a color that can be used at any time.


You can always opt to design your bathroom with the color of the year, but you can never know if that color will be in or out next year. Who knows what color or colors will be fashionable next year?


In the end, your towels will either end up outdated or you are going to want to replace them with the new hip color.


Easy to Color Coordinate

Matching colors is no easy task. Take red, for instance. It is really hard to find the exact match for the tone.


Brighter colors are even more difficult to match, as they only have a very small hue difference between them.


It can be hard to find colored towels that you can color coordinate with the rest of your bathroom furniture and accessories. Even the color of the same set can vary according to the time you purchased them.


So if you want to add to your collection of towels a few months later, you might have a small color problem.


The good part about white towels is that they will match any and every color scheme with ease.


They are easy to match with other colors, and when you need more white bath towels, you know they will be the same color again.

If your bathroom has two or more colors or hues, white will fit right in to the color scheme. As it is a neutral color, it can bridge the colors and be the missing piece that you were looking for.


You might think of the color white as the ultimate fuser of bathroom color palettes.


If You Change Your Mind

Even though you loved your bathroom colors when you first picked them, they can start to bore you after a while.


Let’s say you went from something like the calming hues of the sea to more of a vibrant morning color palette. Your old blue towels won’t go well with your new warm and exuberant color palette.


But if you have white bath towels, you won’t have to change your towels every time you change your mind. The timeless color white will complement almost any color palette.


Also, when you don’t spend money on replacing your towels every time you want to change your color scheme, you can funnel that money into your renovating or accessory budget.

Let Others Shine

We love towels as much as you do, but they shouldn’t be the center of attention in your bathroom.


By choosing white bath towels, you can make your towels blend in and not draw attention away from your bathroom’s main piece with their patterns or colors.


Finally, the piece that you have been looking for can finally glow in the spotlight in your bathroom.

You should be careful not to overload your bathroom with color, as if you have too many colors in accessories, paint, or furniture, adding another layer of color with towels can overwhelm the whole room.


Using bright towels in a neutral bathroom is also not a great idea. You should always try to keep a matching color scheme.


Using white bath towels is a good way to match the neutral color scheme and have a calm and serene bathroom.

A Clean Look

White is a color that can shine on its own, and white towels are so unique that no other towel can replace its glow.


White bath towels are generally used in high-end hotels and spas, and thus they can give your house a spa-like vibe, helping you relax in a calmer environment.

A Simpler Laundry

Bathrooms tend to get dirty and messy quite easily. When you add your morning routine with skin care products and makeup, things look dangerous for white towels.


Yes, the stains will be more visible on the white towels, but you have an ace up your sleeve that can solve your problem: bleach.


A good old round of laundry can remove most stains you will face. When compared to other towels, white towels are incredibly easy to wash and dry.


And bleach in particular can help you deep clean your white towels. However, you can’t bleach your colored towels all the time.

As they are dyed, their colors will fade and they will get worn out if you wash them with bleach more than once.


White towels can, however, take a beating, such as really hot water and bleach.

If you are going with colored towels, make sure you are keeping track of what you are washing your towels with in the same load of laundry.


When all your towels are white, you can just toss them in the washing machine without having to sort any other colors, making your life much easier.

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