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Making bath rugs from old towels


Have you ever thought you could make bath mats from old towels? You need 3 different colors of old towels, a needle, and a thread.


1 – Cut your old towels into strips.

2 – Sew the 3 different colored strips you cut from one end with the help of needle thread.

3 – After that, braid it in the form of a hair braid and when it comes to the end, sew it again.

4 – Combine the 12 braids you have obtained by sewing them in a circular form.



Making toys from old towels


In our article on making seamless toys from towels, we share with you a very easy do-it-yourself work that you can make a cute teddy bear for your child at home. You can use the folding technique to make a seamless toy at home. You can give it a bunny, teddy bear or baby look by folding a thin and soft towel. You need a towel in the color of your choice, 3 tires a thin ribbon, 1 pair of eyeballs, and a silicone gun.


1 – First, lay the towel on a flat surface.

2 – Then wrap it in the form of a roll from one edge to the middle. In order to make a beautiful teddy bear, this roll must not come loose. For this, place a heavy object on the roll.

3 – Wrap the other piece as a roll from the edge to the middle.

4 – After squeezing these two rolls that meet in the middle with your hand, and nose once on one side.

5 – Fold the twisted part over the other flat part. (You shouldn’t fold it right in the middle.) Since the bottom two rolled teddy bears will have legs, you should consider this when folding.

6 – In the next step, create a flat area like the face in the middle by gently separating the rolls where you folded for the head of the teddy bear.

7 – Secure it by threading a rubber band to make the teddy’s head.

8 – After shaping the arms and face with your hands, shape the ears and attach thin elastics here.


Making bath slippers with old towels


You need old towels, sponges, foot-shaped cardboards, glue, and a sewing machine to make bath slippers.

1 – The first thing to do is to cut the sponge and create a strip that is 2 centimeters. This should be done along the entire length you are trying to form a spiral so that you don’t have to connect the different parts at a later stage.

2 – Then you will need to measure your foot.

3 – As a sole, you can use any sole of the unused slipper or a sponge.

4 – For the top, a strip should be cut from the towel and be about 10 centimeters long. It should be wide enough to allow the foot to slide and be comfortable. It should then be sewn into the shape used as the base.

5 – To make a slipper shape, you can a sewing machine or a glue.


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