What Are Guest Towels Used For?

Guest towels are one of the towels that have a very specific main use. They are towels made specifically for guest use. While you can designate any towel for use by your guests, these make both differentiating them from other towels and storing them easier.

In this article, as Homelover, we are going to answer the question “What are guest towels used for?” and more.


Uses of Guest Towels

A pair of hands holding guest towelsAs the name suggests, guest towels are usually specific towels reserved for the visitors and guests of your house. The ones that you will find are all smaller in size. As they are only used by guests, they are not the most commonly used towels.

But having guest towels in a guest bedroom, a guest bathroom, or at your house in general shows the level of hospitality that you have.

They are generally preferred as hand towels or face cloths for guests. The small size makes them easier to take care of and easier to store.


Why Should You Prefer One?

Stacked towelsGuest towels can be found in many high-quality establishments of different sorts, from traditional Japanese restaurants and fine dining restaurants to luxurious hotels and spas. They are one of the finest items that a person or establishment can have to show their hospitality. While it might seem like a small gesture, it makes your guests feel treasured and special.

Some guest towels are embroidered with the word “guest” on them, so if you are buying them for your home, you can prefer the ones with embroidery to not confuse them with other small towels like kitchen towels or face cloths.


What Are Some Alternate Uses?

A woman cleaning a pot with a towelMost small-sized guest towels can be used in place of kitchen towels and face cloths. If the material and texture of the towel suit the use you have in mind, you can just use any one of them.

However, guest towels and face cloths require a higher-quality substitute if you are going to use another towel in their place. As these are used by people to dry themselves, the softness and general texture are important parts of the experience the towel gives.

If you are going to use an alternative towel for a kitchen towel, you can go for ones that aren’t as soft as a guest or hand towel because they have more uses that do not involve people.


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