Towels come in many different colors and sizes.

One of these different towels that you might know about is the guest towel. Where and how much this kind of towel is known varies, but it is one of the essential items for the bathroom for anyone who knows what it is.

Yet the question remains: what is a guest towel? We will answer this question and go over the details and possible uses for this towel.

A guest towel’s size should be between a facecloth and a hand towel.

While they are reserved especially for guests, you can also use them for other reasons if need be. They can come in quite handy.

These small-sized towels are ideal for drying your hands in a downstairs toilet. Thanks to their size, they can be fitted near the sink or in a small basket without cluttering up the small area that you have.

Also, just like in their name, they are the perfect fit for guest bathrooms, ideal for drying one’s hands or face after a quick wash.

It is crucial not to forget to wash them frequently and swap them with fresh guest towels in order for the guest towels to remain hygienic and clean for anyone who uses them.

What towels should I have for my guests?

Being a good host is important for many people, and it is common courtesy.

Fresh and clean towels specifically designated for us make us feel more comfortable. And it makes your guests feel valued and at home.

You should have one set of towels per guest. Guest towels can be stacked near the sink for your guests to have easy access to the towels, and you can put the other towels on the bed.

A small basket would also be a good addition to the guest bathroom, both aesthetically and practically. You can roll the towels up and present them in the basket, or use it for your guests to discard their used towels.

It can also be useful to have bath and hand towels for your guests apart from the guest towels, to give your visitors variety, thus improving their stay at your abode. You can browse our towel sets for your multiple towel needs.

In addition, you should hang your bath towels separately, as if they get confused with hand towels, you might run out of towels for your guests.

Hand towels as an alternative

Hand towels can also be used for any uses your guests might have.

Be it for drying their hands, adding a decorative look to your guest bathroom, or forming a set for your guests, hand towels can be just what you are looking for.

Our hand towels come in a variety of colors, ranging from brown to blue, all inspired by nature’s vibrant colors.

Soft and absorbent, these hand towels are great for any bathroom, guest, or otherwise.

They are also both high-quality, long-lasting, and nature-friendly, so you won’t need to worry about buying new towels or nature.

An even bigger alternative

Don’t forget about your larger towel needs. Check out our collection of bath towels, available both as sets with our variety of towels or just as bundles of four.

In this article, we discussed any towels you might need while hosting any guests in your home. Yet, having this many towels requires you to wash your towels frequently and properly. For information on how to wash your towels, you can check out our article on towel washing.

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