Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Towels?

Implementing delicate, natural, eco-friendly towels to your life is the best way to add a touch of luxury and comfort into your daily life. 

These natural, organic towels that you purchase to dry off are of the finest quality and guarantee that the cloth is both skin and environmentally friendly. Durable towels reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere overall by not producing additional harmful compounds. So it is preferable to use sustainable towels over conventional ones.

We focused on giving you more information on organic cotton and how it plays an important part for eco-friendly towels. One of the most important things one should look for when browsing for nature-friendly towels is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. It is one of the most legitimate certifications that show the producer’s eco-friendly processes. The GOTS seal proves that the complete process from the beginning to the very end is both socially and ecologically responsible.

In this article, we have discussed the best traits of organic and eco-friendly towels. We also discuss why we should use eco-friendly towels and the benefits of using these towels.


Why You Should Prefer Organic Cotton?

Cotton field at sunrise.According to some sustainability research, the environmental impact of non-organic cotton production is severe to the point that it’s the fifth most impactful material. Following the likes of silk, alpaca wool, cow and goat leather; non-organically produced cotton has a serious negative ecological impact on global warming, eutrophication, water scarcity, and fossil fuels.


Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and herbicides that harm nature. A nature-friendly alternative that is commonly used is Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to protect them from harmful insects and plants. Unlike the toxic chemicals often used on conventional cotton crops, this is harmless to the environment.


It both helps the farmers and nature. Eutrophication is an event that happens when water is overfilled with nutrients, most usually due to fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, which can result in dead-zones in water, where lifeforms cannot inhabit. Research also shows that eutrophication happens significantly less in organic cotton production compared to conventional cotton production.


Why Use Eco-Friendly Towels?

Natural spa framed by greens and towel on brown background.We always made an effort to keep our houses and surroundings as sanitized and secure as we could. We attempt to choose goods for the kitchen and bathroom that are not only healthy for the environment but also for our health. However, while paying attention to everything, we frequently forgot to use one of the most important objects we use every day: a towel. So, consider first: Are we utilizing environmentally friendly towels? If not, make an effort to use eco-friendly towels that are not only beneficial to the environment but also healthy for our skin and are antimicrobial.


Benefits of Eco-Friendly Towels


  • Natural Fibers

Natural fibers, which are what eco-friendly towels are composed of, are always helpful for sensitive skin, especially on the face and other equally delicate regions.

  • Better Skincare

For healthier skincare, these natural and eco-friendly towels are ideal for you. These towels may be used mostly by those who have skin conditions or allergies for improved skincare.

  • Good for post-surgery

After a surgical operation, the skin around the region where the procedure took place can be sensitive. Organic towels are great for sensitive skins, and this case is no exception.

  • Helps to build a sustainable environment

The durability of these organic towels and their nature-friendly production process will help all of us create a sustainable environment. 


Final Words

In this article, we mentioned the importance of organic cotton, eco-friendly towels, and their benefits. While sometimes forgotten, towels have a big part in everyday life. Choosing a towel that will last you for a long time both helps you and the environment.



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