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Wonderful Organic Towels Explained

The term organic is used quite a lot in many different mediums and products. Natural products has been gaining popularity with the customers for a long time and many different products are going organic. Brands even create a designated category for their organic products. If you are thinking about the questions, “What does organic mean?” and “Are organic towels better?” then we got you covered.

Basically, organic means “made naturally”. The term “organic” is used many places, but many of these labels do not have anything to prove this. A product cannot be organic by just using organic raw materials. It also cannot be exposed to chemicals and other such harmful materials and conditions while also being produced under the required conditions.

The organic towel production


The organic towel production process is controlled in a very strict manner. To completely cover the topic, organic agriculture is a topic we should talk about before we talk about organic textile products.

Organic cotton is truly organic when the field that it has been planted in hasn’t been subjected to any pesticides, herbicides, and non-organic fertilizers in the last 3 years. They also shouldn’t have been exposed to synthetic dyes, heavy metals, and bleaches during production.

So, everyone involved in the making of the textile products must follow the standards, from the supplier to the manufacturer. Brands that follow to these standards are inspected and certified accordingly in a regular basis.

To summarize, the complete process from the collecting of the cottons to the production and packaging of these products is quite essential.

It is mandatory for the company that sells products with the organic product label to have a contract with one of the certification bodies.

This certificate, guarantees that the whole process mentioned above is done in a manner that is fitting to the requirements. The certificate logo and number on the items and websites can be traced to verify the certification.

Why should you buy an organic towel?


The increase of environmental awareness has also boosted the curiosity and interest in organic products in recent years. The question we should talk about is “Why should you buy an organic towel?”

As we have explained above, an organic product is produced without harming the environment. Your choice helps reduce pollution, erosion, and nature being exposed to harmful chemicals. Choosing a product that does not disturb the ecological balance is also of great importance for your health.

Chemicals used in agriculture can seriously harm your health and cause serious illnesses that could have permanent negative consequences that can reduce your life quality. Completely organic products do not pose a danger to your health as they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Organic cotton is natural and won’t have any negative effects. It helps your skin and pores breathe more comfortably. Organic towels and bathrobes prevents your skin from having any allergic reactions with these textile products that come in contact with your skin on a daily basis.

Chemicals can tamper with your body heat and cause rashes and similar skin problems. As these products do not have any chemicals, you will not have any negative reactions on your skin.

Non-use of chemicals in any step of these products such as growing, processing, and production, helps them have both a higher quality and longer use life when compared to regular cotton textile products.

Thanks to their organic cotton material, organic towels and bathrobes have a softer feel and they can help you achieve the comfort and pleasure you are looking for.

If you want the unique experience you will have by using organic towels or bathrobes, you can take a look at our wide range of products.

Having the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certificate, Homelover will bring naturalness to your bathrooms with its organic bath and hand towels.

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