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5 Incredible Towel Folding Methods

How to Fold Towels?

Are you ready to learn space-saving towel folding techniques and decorative towel folding techniques that we are accustomed to seeing in hotels?

Towels are indispensable in our daily lives. It is an indisputable fact that we often place it in the kitchen, bathroom, and in our holiday luggage. While towels have such a common usage area in our lives, they are becoming one of the tools that we need the most storage for in our homes or businesses. Well, how many types of towel folding techniques do you think will save space? Here are different examples of towel folding that will make your life easier.

Triple Method

It is one of the methods that can be used, especially for bath towels. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Lay the towel on a flat surface and fold it in half from the long edge.
  • Fold the towel in half again.
  • Now fold the towel 1/3 way up from the short edge.
  • Repeat the last step and your towel is ready to be stored!

Deep Fold Method

This towel folding method is among the methods that are considered very useful for narrow storage areas. The steps you need to follow are:

  • Lay your towel on a flat surface and fold one edge so that it reaches the midpoint of the short edge.
  • Fold the other side of the towel in the same way and bring the two long sides together in the middle.
  • Then fold the towel in half lengthwise again.
  • Finally, bring the ends of the towel together in the middle, leaving a small space in the middle to prevent swelling that may occur in the middle of the towel.
  • Place your towel with the folded edge facing out during storage.

And voila! Your towels are ready to be stored in any narrow space.

Narrow Fold Method

If you have very limited storage space, then this is just the method for you!

  • Lay your towel flat on the floor and fold it in half along its length.
  • Next, fold your towel in half and align it with the short edges overlapping.
  • Then fold the folded edge of the towel two-thirds to create a fold.
  • Fold the opposite edge of the towel over the wrapped edge.

You will be amazed by the amount of storage space you will have left with this wonderful towel folding technique.

Spa-Type Folding Method

So far, we have looked at the answers to the question “how to fold a big towel?” in order to save storage space and talked about the three most preferred folding methods.

When it comes to folding small household towels, such as guest towels and hand towels, one of the methods you can apply is the roll folding technique, also known as spa type folding. The steps for this method are:

  • Lay the towel on a flat surface and fold the corner of one side lengthwise towards the middle.
  • Then fold the towel in half lengthwise again and turn it over.
  • Then roll the towel tightly around the pointed ends. Place the remaining corner in the pocket created.

To get a more stylish look in your bathroom, you can display the rolled hand towels in a basket.

Swan Folding Method

Finally, we wanted to talk about the decorative towel shapes that we especially see in hotels. For the ever-graceful swan model, all you have to do is:

  • Place the large towel on a flat surface.
  • Create a triangle by folding the sides of each corner.
  • Then round the edges until they meet in the center and make it look like an arrow.
  • Then fold the arrow point back to create a “Z” shape.
  • Squeeze the corners of the towel for a curved look.
  • Do the same for another towel, placing the beaks face-to-face, touching each other.

It will be extremely fun to apply this method at home with your children!

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